today sucked

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OK, today was an absolue doozy at work, it was just terrible. BUT it gets worse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got caugh on the way out the door, and wound up stuck at work till about 5:40 when I decided to sneak out the back way and around anyone who may have wanted to discuss the millions of problem I dealt with at work today. (and those that are still waiting for me on Monday)

So on the way home I came up to the train tracks around the corner from my job and the tracks were on fire. No lie, the wood was there on blaze, not bad, I was able to stomp it out, but it was smoldering under the tracks bad enough I knew it needed a bucket of water to put it out all the way. So i parked the bike on the side of the road and walked across the yard to some guys house to get a pail of water. On my way back across the yard I hear my motorcycel getting run over. NO LIE. I run across the yard in time to see the HR director from my company get out of her car, she just backed over my bike!!!!!

It took close to 2 hours for the trooper to get there. Yes, I did put out the fire, at the cost of my bike, but it’s out.

Man what a day!!!!!!!!!!

Update on Lucas

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Lucas is going on 2 years now since his burn, which means the kids have been home for 2 years as well. WOW, 2 years!

So we are still going through a lot with Lucas, but they are doing a new surgery on the little guy that is really just phenominal. Basically they are cutting into his scars removing a large portion (1/3 of the total scar mass this time) then reaching under his skin and pulling the subdermal layers towards the cut and stitchinng these subdermal layers into the scar. What this will do is force the real skin to grow back and take over where the scar used to be.

keeping him quiet in the car

keeping him quiet in the car

So how does one keep a kid like Lucas quiet in a two hour car ride on the way to his surgery? GAME BOY TIME! You laugh but I wouldn’t know what to do witht hat kid if it wasn’t for the game boy and the in car DVD players…

getting dressed up

getting dressed up

I think the only part the kid doesn’t like is losing his underwear. It’s the same thing every time, he tries to talk us into letting him keep them on, and he keeps trying to find a new way to sneek them back on. Of course that just means we have to hide them and find something new for the little guy to do.

when the lights go dim we find a new way to amuse him

when the lights go dim we find a new way to amuse him

On this trip one of the monitors in the prep room was on the brink, yeah even UNC has crappy computers, so they had to kill the overhead lights  in the room. This meant the game boy was out of commision and he had to move on to new adventures. his varied form sticking stickers everywhere (what nurse in their right mind gives a little boy a box of stickers and tells him to go to town?) Luckily there was also some crayons and a coloring book and we were able to divert his attention from the stickers.

the aftermath

the aftermath

Several hours later and we find a very different Lucas, sedated, worn out, and devoid of any energy. Sick and delirious, a pitiful sight to behold. But he was very insistant that no matter how bad he felt he still wanted to go to Golden Corral (he gets to pick where we eat lunch on his surgery days) And as normal the nurses were fighting over who got to care for him, he is just so easy to deal with the nurses all love him.

the ride out

the ride out

He was also insistant that he gets to ride out of the hospital in the wheelchair. But he wasn’t so keen on the fact that we was going to be in a sling for a few weeks and have a tube with a suction bulb coming out of his arm for a few days.  This actually turned into a bit of trying to convince him for several days to keep his arm in the sling. No matter how much pain this kid is in you are not going to stop his fun.

But I am a awesome dad, and found a way to get the little guy to actually like his sling. TYE DYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yes that’s right, tye dye the sling then cover it in his choice of biker patches. He had his free reign of all my patches (I used to sell them) and he went to town making the sling his own.



and profiling

and profiling

So there you go, as you see he is up to his normal self, sans one arm. And yes I had to sew the sling closed to keep him from sneaking his hand out of the holes to use his arm. But he is doing well and loving life, and he LOVES his new sling.  Also as a little added slice of pie for his joy he is going to get to a special summer camp with the UNC burn clinic this summer for burn survivors. He is totally stoked and so excited to get to go to this summer camp.

taking a poll

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recently we underwent some chaos around the house, no electricity for a few weeks.

Of course it had to happen when the temp outside was dropping into the teens, and inside our house hit a low of 32. Well in all the chaos we lost a few appliances as well, when the power surged through the house and made us think we were in California for a while (our entire living room was turn off, it was the middle of the night, and the lights started to come on in a strobe pattern and the room started to shake)

Well one of the items to bite the dust was the TV. There were some others too, but that is the big ticket item.

So Yeah Insurance!!!!!! we got the letter yesterday, and home owners is covering it!!!!

So I’ve limited my choices down to 2.

What say you? those that have my blog on RSS feed as I havn’t updated in forever.

I will post some this week… I hope
Samsung (it states 20000:1 contrast ratio, is this true?)

Vizio (brags about 5000:1 ratio, but being so much lower than Samsung what is the deal?)

quickest way to update everyone

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So most have you have probably heard by now (assuming that the majority of those that still read this are family) but Lucas made another trip to the emergency room yesterday.

The backstory is that Lucas loves to cook, it’s one of the central passions of his little heart. So he had an old pasta maker, the manual kind, but the little guy doesn’t have the arm strenght needed to use it. So for Christams we got him a really nice electric pasta maker, he was enjoying it a lot, we made pineapple pasta the first night, then we made a bach of carrot pasta, and we were working on another batch when the boy in his head decided he wanted to see if he could stop the gears on the machine by jammin his finger in it.

That is his explanation of what he did. I’m not making this up, That is verbatum what he told me he was doing.

Well the gear he jammed his finger into doubles as a meat grinder, it sucked his finger in down to the bottom joint before we could react and stop it. Luckily it pushed the finger to the side and jammed it between the grinder and the housing of the machine, by pouring oil on the gear and pushing as hard as we could we created enough space he could slide his finger out. Mind you the entire time he was screaming eake me to the emergency room.

Well we took a look at it and the tip of his finger, the nail part, was hanging off to the side.

So we had to decide what to do, and we decided to have Heather run him to the Hospital and I would call to get him in line and hopefully get him in as soon as they got there, plus I had to find someone to come take care of the kids still at home.  Christmas weekend isn’t the easiest time to find a babysitter at the last minute.

Our pastor’s wife came over and helped us out and I took off to the hospital.

I got there about 30 minutes after Heather and found them still sitting in the triage unit.  well the triage nurse actually put a bandaide on this, yes you read that right, and then sent us to see the insurance agent. We waited in that line and were told to go out to the waiting room to wait to be called back . Luckily the insurance agent saw he was dripping blood from the wound and we wrapped it in gauze after removing he bandaid.

Well we sat in the waiting room for 7 1/2 hours waiting to be seen.

When we got back into the ER the docotrs and nurses were all extrememly upset that the triage didn’t prioritize this kid and bump him in front of the sniffles and sneezes and little crap while this kid was suffering out in the waiting room

They grabbed some x-rays and examined him and determined that he had broken the tip of his finger, and that from what we described he had a fingernail avulsion that would take a simple procedure to put it back into the hole and all should be fine.

Well they went to do the surgery on his fingernal and discovered the fingernail had miraculously put itself back into it’s hole and reattached itself to the finger. None of the doctors could explain this as it’s just not possible. It can’t Happen. Yeah GOD!

So we got to come home this morning at 5 am. And we are trying to survive through the day today.

So the end result is now our most hyper kid had his hand in a splint and is in pain. Now he will lose his fingernail, and he will have to deal with a broken finger for a while but it could have so much worse and we are so happy he still has his finger.

Family with Steven Curtis Chapman

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Family with Steven Curtis Chapman

The kids got to meet one of the huge benefactors of their adoption last weekend.

We had a really cool opportunity to go and work with Shaoahanna’s Hope on their Show Hope campaign in Roanoke Rapids. It was fun to meet some ot the other adoptive families from the extended community, and it was such a blessing to be part of an event that blessed another adoptive family with a $4,000 grant.

Heather worked with the girls, having them hand out panphlets and carry around donation buckets, and I did the same with the boys. We stayed with teh kids and answered the questions people had, including the ones from families considering adoption.

The family was from a town right down the road from us, and all of the money raised in that concert went towards that family.

I spent a good portion of the evening chasing two Chineese gilrs around the crowd as they waddled with their donation buckets making a LOT of money for Show Hope. I mean seriously, who can say no to cute little 3 year old faces? Of course everyone assumed they were mine, but no, they weren’t even together, they were just kids that met there at teh concert and developed an immediate affinity for each other, then suprisingly enough, to me. Yeah, they were given the choice of hanging out with the girls and my wife, or with the boys and me, and they decided I looked like the better choice!

I was as shocked as you are!


Seriously though it was a really fun night, and if you hear the Steven is passing through you r area I encourage you to contact Shaoahanna’s Hope and volunteer your time to help them out at teh concert. It really is worth your time!

My Awesome Wife

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Easter Sunday

About once a year, maybe twice, my family dresses in something other than jeans and t-shirts for church. I hate it, but the kids like it, so Easter is normally the day we do this. We do make a cute family, even if Yosef won’t smile if a camera is in his face.  Of course my wife is awesome for being able to pull this off, I mean getting me to wear shoes to church is a miracle.

Heather Before

 But Heather is more awesome than that! You see here here, looking quite normal, but what you don’t know is that one of her best freinds is dealing with stage 4 ovarian cancer.  The Kemo has made her lose her hair, and has beat her up pretty bad. Now our daughter donates her hair  to Locks of Love about every 2 years, I always hate to see it go, but Kaitlyn loves doing it, and it’s been her idea all along. Heck I even tried to talk her out of it the first time. 

Well my awesome wife wanted to be there for her freind, so in a total act of compassion, she decided to donate her hair to locks of love as well. But not the normal 11 inch donation, no. Heather is more awesome than that.

Locks of Love after

No she donated all 27 inches of it!

Now tell me i don’t have a beautiful wife!

Lucas is fine

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Just thought i would let teh 10 people that still read this know, lucas is fine, we are all home, and everything is back to normal