I Need A Vacation

I got a raise today, not as exciting as you might think. It was a whole 2.25% That comes out to $.46 an hour. Yep, another year of my life spent behind this desk, on a broken office chair staring at a crappy computer monitor, talking to idiots and fixing their computers over the phone, and my reward, $.46 an hour. Yep, my incentive to work harder went through the roof. It’s what I expected though, actually I was hoping for a 2.5% but hey what can you say. Now for you math whizzes, if x=y then x+.46=y1.0225 what is my salary? I’m so bad ad math I probably even got the formula wrong.

It’s a good thing I don’t like beer, and liquor is expensive, otherwise I’d be drinking myself to sleep at night. The earliest my kids can be home now is June, but even that is hoping for a miracle. I’m not holding my breath as it would require someone in Ethiopia doing something, and that doesn’t seem to be the modis operandi.

On a lighter note, one of the parents that was just in Ethiopia told me my kids are doing good. They are in good spirits and healthy.

This is why you never see any one on a sit com try to adopt a kid. The emotional roller coaster the character would have to play would give them grey hair. The morbid reality the veiwers would have to watch would be ungruling, and the amounts of seasons it would take until the child actually got home to the family would be unbeleivable to all but the parents of adoptees. You would loose your viewers as there are too many loose ends and unknowns and the viewers demand simplicity.

Me, I’m at the point that I like to watch the static on TV as the plot line is simple enough for me to cope with. I tried watching Seseme Street with the kids the other day, and there was just too much strees in it, I couldn’t cope with the fast plot lines. I need a vacation. No, strike that. I need this adoption to be over so I can continue on with my life. I’m tired.

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