Have you ever wondered what it would look like if Beaver just snapped one day, came in with teh baseball bat and started to wail on everyone for talking down to him and treating him like an idiot? Yeah, if you had a window into my head you would be seeing that right now, I would be cleaning house. I guess it’s a good thing there are no baseball bats around.
This week has continually gone downhill from day one. I order a camera so we have one when we finally get to go to Ethiopia, it gets here, but the stupid thing doesn’t work right. This is after I was conned by the sales dude on the phone to buy a new battery:

Sales: We are calling to verify the order.
Me: OK
Sales: (reads order)
Me: Yep, that’s it.
Sales: Sir, I notice you don’t have a battery here on this order
Me: No, the camera comes with a battery, it’s listed on the website.
Sales: But sir it’s not a good battery
Me: What do you mean, isn’t it the same kind of battery that comes with the camera standard?
Sales: No these are refurbished cameras, the batteries only last about 20 minutes.
Me: So what size battery does it come with
Sales: 700 mAhz
Me: Not the standard 1700 mAhz?
Sales: No but we are running a special on the 2100 mAhz batteries for only $39 with the purchase of this camera.
Me: This should really be on the site, this is total BS what you are doing.
Sales: Yes sir, your right, I agree, But we have a contract with Kodak that we won’t put the specs of the refurbished units on the site.
Me: Well I guess I don’t really have a choice do I? Yes, I’ll take a battery, but I’m not happy.

Well it went on from there, I was pissed that I was having to pay for a battery that should have been listed on the specs page, but at least I was getting a decent battery and I would have a bogus battery for a spare.
Well the camera came in yesterday, and lo and behold the 700 mAhz battery was the standard 1700 mAhz battery, but so was the supposed 2100 mAhz battery!!!! I got tow batteries that are the exact same! Now I know what I verbally agreed to with sales rep, it’s not what I got, and I’m royally pissed off.
Also, refurbished means it works, and all functions work. The Camera I received, the scene selection feature does not work. Now as this is the primary method of taking photos on this camera this is a major issue. When I select the scene select feature on the dial, it goes into AUTO mode.
So if this wasn’t bad enough, the SD cards I ordered for the camera came in, but only one of them was in the package. Now I’m trying to convince the company I really didn’t get it and I need the package sent to me.
This is 3 weeks since I was told our paperwork would be signed for our kids to come home, the papers are still unsigned.
We are babysitting a dog for some freinds that went to Disney World, she has crapped in our house twice now, she isn’t allowed back in.
And I went for a walk with my son last night while the wife went to the store with the daughter, and locked myself out of my house.
And this is just the stuff that I can talk about publically, there are a ton of issues related to the adoption that have me flustered that I am not allowed to disclose.

This week has really sucked.

Next week, please be better.


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Sorry, Avery–hang in there! If it helps, I love reading your blog so far.

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