Empowered Adoptions… LOL

Empowerment. It seems that that word is the very yang to this adoption process. I feel so useless and out of control. It doesn’t help that we accepted our referral back in September of 2005 and we are no closer today to bringing them home than we were then. We are starting to wonder if they will even get home this year. The closing of the Ethiopian courts gets closer every day, and every day with no progress seems like hell. Emotionally it is. I’ve jokingly told people it’s a good thing adoption is so expensive, because we live within walking distance of the liquor store. We have some friends that just got home with their beautiful kids and their process took them over 3 years to complete. We are over a year in the making now. People question us about it a little when we say it’s been that long, but you have several months prior to knowing who you are adopting that you have to go through the American legal hoop system.

On a positive note, our kids have received the photos of our family. They now know what we look like too.

I have readers, I know this because people are actually spending time with the page open, they even click through on some of the links. (or so my meter tells me)

Also I’m 100% ready to travel now. I have all my shots, passport, and immunization book. All I need now is a reason to go.

I’m fried right now, can’t think straight. Need to call this one a short one, at least I updated something this week. Maybe if I can clear my head I’ll post a longer rant later this week.

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