it’s a mental state of mind

So there was a definite theme this weekend. I arrived home and my dear wife informed me that I was “disturbed” and then proceeded to educate me on why a wall between us and Mexico is a better use of tax dollars than simply stopping the social welfare spending on non Americans. My only answer was that she knew she was marrying an Anarchist when she got on this boat and her republican views don’t quite match mine. Needless to say we don’t spend a lot of time talking politics at our house, it never goes well. But the point of my story is my wife considers me to be a “disturbed” individual in my political views.

On a really cool note, my mothers birthday present shows up, she had bought us a bunch of kites, and a aerobie. I love kite and love the aerobies then to put a cherry on top the really cool airfoil kite is tye dye!!!

So Saturday rolls around, and we do some house cleaning. The entire time I’m trying to get us done because there is a decent breeze and I want to head to the park to fly the kites with the kids. We pick up a “picnic” at Hardees using the 2 for $3 method and they could understand that I wanted 4 burgers, meaning 2 combos. Frustrating times at the drive through. So we finally get to the park and we can’t get the kids kites to fly worth snot, but the big kite flies awesome. Now mind you the wind rating is higher on the big kite but you know how it goes. Eventually we give up on the small kites and put them down in a pile next to our cup and we just all play with the airfoil and the aerobie (who needs a dog, my kids love to play fetch and the further you throw it the happier they are) So we are flying the kite and are a good distance from our pile of stuff and wouldn’t you know it but a gust of wind picks up two to the kites and they start flying on their own across the field. I’m reeling in the kite so my wife takes off after them she was able to catch the ladybug, but the trees got the smiley face kite. It was kind of funny to try to fly that very kite for over an hour with no luck to see it fly and remain in flight tangled in the top of a tree for the rest of the afternoon. So one of our friends shows up for our kids to play together (she is a coworker of mine as well) and she begins to explain to my wife that I am a mental case at work (It’s not my fault when she doesn’t see me enter her cubicle and I scare her enough for her to scream!!!) Well she convinced my wife that I’m nuts.

So we spent my inlaws birthday present at the best restaurant in this town, a small Greek/Lebanese pizza buffet, Milanos — I love that place. The kids were upset the cable was out, but her food is to die for and we all ate much more than we should! The hostess loves my tattoos and we always talk about her getting one, she is too scared to though, and she always says I’m nuts for not minding the pain.

So then we headed to walmart to pick up a few things, and some pictures we had developed (got to love the Walmart online in store pickups for digital pictures) My daughter is the only professional 8×10 we have of our kids but they are all right next to each other and you can’t really tell except for the backgrounds. But as I’m waiting for my wife to show up (we each took one kid and split up so we could get done faster) I got cornered by a dude in a crazy get up explaining to me how he dresses that way to “freak out the religious hypocrites” and how the “hypocrites that work at the mall security asked him to leave the mall.” Some how it was the “Jesus in him that made them uncomfortable” Personally I think it may have been the all black clothing except for the blood splattered cross on his shirt, the shaved head with a scraggly beard pointed into 2 points and the blood shot eyes and the fact that he has no idea what personal space is…….. There are plenty of Goth kids at the mall everyday, but not all of them act like they are going to go postal. Unfortunately I had my daughter with me, and then my wife and son showed up, she saw him a long time before she saw me. She had contemplated just bypassing the entire area but then she saw I was cornered by eh dude, and was trying to be nice to the kid (It all started because he liked my shirt) I finally got myself away from him and my wife reiterated that I was nuts, all I could tell her is I was sane in comparison.

So Sunday rolls around and the sermon at church was all about following God’s call even when it doesn’t make sense. It was all a set up for the assciate pastor to say he was moving to Georgia to be a part of a church plant down there, but the pastor was using examples from the congregation. He sentence was something of the nature: “Many of you look at Avery and Heather and say they are nuts.” Well the peanut gallery all chipped in with “Just Avery,” “Amen,” “”Heather’s not.” Well it look a minute or so, but the general consensus of the entire church is I’m nuts. Of course his point was kind of lost to the peanut gallery but it was about following God’s call for us to go 1/2 around the world and adopt 2 kids we have never met, nor could we afford the adoption when we started. But what did people leave with, Avery is nuts.

So we had a bunch of free tickets to go see the Mudcats (minor league baseball) and I took in a bag a gourmet Jelly Belly Jelly Beans for the kids to snack on. I love those things, and they were free! Well each of my kids informed me that something was wrong with me because they tasted terrible. They inherited their mother’s taste buds!!!! Jelly Bellies are awesome, hey I’m happy, it means I get them all.

SO it was a busy weekend, one that I was continually reaffirmed that the social workers messed up in approving me, but I’m happy and that’s what matters.

Oh yeah, and then to top off the weekend we found out we have been saying our son’s name wrong for the last 8 months……. We received a DVD where we actually get to see our kids playing and talking and interacting with other kids, it was very cute, and very much a boost to our spirits, but we learned we had used a short e where there should have been a long e, now we have to reeducate everybody…. fun, fun, fun (and the family already thought we didn’t know what we were doing)


One Response to “it’s a mental state of mind”

  1. Nuts? Those people don’t have the proper perspective to evaluate your sanity. What they need to do is look at you in the context of your extended family; compared to the rest of us you’re unbelievably normal. Y’know, I bet that mall guy would get along great with Ethan.

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