he was my pet

It’s time for an update on the Beaver family, although every post on here can be construed as an update, there are so many ramblings and tangents and odd places my mind takes us to that it is hardly fare to say that this Blog is a continuous thread on the adoption process.

Hey, I created this Blog on a whim, all I wanted to do was post a comment on my brothers Blog. I had no idea I would become a Blog addict. I had intended on using this Blog to simply update on the adoption, the changes in our family and the ways our world view is changing. Then along the way I get caught up in my half baked soap box moments, and I scream out into the cyber world my frustrations at life in general. But you are here and you are reading this, so you either have way to much free time on your hands, or you enjoy my rants and writings.

To the adoption.

Would it surprise you if I said I know absolutely nothing new? Well that’s not exactly true, I have a actual time line of the events that have taken place on our adoption, I know the order in which they happened, but I have no clue as to what lies in front of us. We could have weeks, we could have months, all we know is we have to wait. According to our agency all of our paperwork has been submitted to MOLSA and most of it is done, but there is a 2 page letter that is only for the Ethiopian government’s use that has to be translated from Amharic into English. Then our paperwork has to be approved and then we can be assigned a court date. Now my friend in Chicago was able to translate a letter from English into Amharic for us to send to the kids in one day, but we are going on 2 weeks on waiting for MOLSA. Sometimes the not knowing what is going on is the hardest part of dealing with it.

The other day my son came up to me and asked if we could move to Ethiopia. He said he misses his brother and sister and he doesn’t like to see his mommy and daddy so sad. His solution was if we moved to Ethiopia we could all live together and be happy. He is a great 4 year old kid. Surprisingly my daughter wasn’t opposed to moving, her only question was “Is God telling us to move to Ethiopia? If He is I’ll be happy.” Yep, she is a great 5 year old too. And then I have to explain to them that we can’t move to Ethiopia because if we did we couldn’t finish the adoption. Well at least I have yet to find an American agency that is willing to do a home study in Ethiopia. If you know of one let me know…….

Off the adoption, because this is just too funny not to share.

We have a problem in our house with Palmetto Bugs, AKA Water Roaches, it’s not a huge problem, just 1 or two crawling around the house per week. We just smash them and throw them away NORMALLY. Unfortunately yesterday morning there was a 2 incher crawling across the beige carpet I had just installed, I was not ready to smash a bug into the carpet quite yet, so I grabbed the closest thing to me, a glass desert bowl, and trapped him underneath. In typical Avery humor I announced to the family that I had just caught the new family pet. Unfortunately my 4 year old son took me seriously and had named him, developed a plan for keeping him, and had decided this was the answer to his very vocal prayer to God for a “Pet he could love”

As you can imagine my wife was less than thrilled at the level of bonding our son had with the roach, and the fact that as I was late for work she was going to have to be the one to transfer the bug to the bug box, once that was found. She did lay the ground rules that he had to stay outside, and I informed him that he looked like an “old roach” and was probably going to die from “old age” soon. He was ok with that.

But the day got worse because his sister decided to play with the bug box and dropped it, opening it and letting the roach free in the front yard. Both kids had a simultaneous meltdown. The daughter, because she knew she screwed up and broke her little brothers heart. The son, because his very, very loved roach got away. They both ran into mommy, hime screaming, “HE WAS MY PET I LOVED HIM SO MUCH!!!!!!” her screaming I DIDN’T MEAN TO IT WAS AN ACCIDENT, I’M SO SORRRRRRRYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!” His solution was that daddy is a good hunter, when he gets home he will be able to find him. The daughter, her solution was that daddy will catch a new one. Mommy, was just relieved it was let loose outside and that that chapter was closed!!!!

So I talked to the kids about it and we decided to buy the son a goldfish. The daughter was a little jealous so I asked her if she wanted a pet fish. After a moment of thought she decided that no, she didn’t want a pet fish, she wanted a fish she could EAT!!!!!

Yeah two peas of a pod they are. Luckily Wal-Mart carries both the edible and frozen variety of fish.

Guess where I’m going tonight.


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    To be honest i am just looking around to find out why..

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