Not quite the picture you were expecting is it??

Let me introduce Beateseb, my son’s Betta Fish. (insert can of corn here) We made the trip to Wal-Mart and found out he wanted a “blue fish” Well I’m not buying tropical fish to kill off in a weeks time, I was hoping to get away with the 28 cent goldfish, but he was having nothing to do with that. SO we found the 3 dollar blue bettas, and well here he is. Now the funniest part of this to me is the tank decorations, the package this bright blue plastic glow in the dark seaweed came in was labeled “natural looking” and had instructions on how to best arrange it for the “natural look” I guess if you live in Chernobal this may be “natural” but plants aren’t supposed to be bright blue and glow.

Now my son is very happy with Beateseb, and it has worked to get him dressed both in the morning and at night. I attached the rule to the fish that he was his responsibility to take care of, and he had to feed him twice a day every day, BUT he had to be dressed for the day in the morning to feed him, and dressed for bed at night to feed him. Now instead of the typical arguements and fights to get him ready to go he shows up fully dressed and asking to feed Beateseb. Now mind you it’s only been 2 days, but hey. Since he is the “family pet” now, although he is my son’s, he got stuck with the play on words and is our Betta Fish named Beataseb #1 or “Family”

On the flip side my wife and I decedid we like the thing enough that if it last a few weeks we are buying a red on for our bedroom. His name will be Bararo, or in English “Cockroach” Of course everything in his tank will be the glow in the dark red junk walmart sells…. ugg, I think we are on the road to becoming “fish people”

But don’t fear, we didn’t forget our daughter’s “fish I can eat” My wife decided to ask her just what she meant and we found the exact thing she was talking about!!!!


3 Responses to “Beateseb”

  1. Like the pictures, especially with your son behind the tank.

  2. thanks, it’s one of my favorits of him, the video I took right after this was histerical as they got into a discussion on how much he loved “cocky the cockroach”

  3. This is very nice and informative post. I have bookmarked your site in order to find out your post in the future.

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