i don’t have anything to say

I guess I should update this week.

Saturday I had a Bikers for Christ meeting in the morning, logistics thing, then went to a supper party that we were supposed to eat at 7. Food was served at 9:30. It was this really good chicken with a sherry sauce and like 5 lbs of mushrooms, it was awesome… I loved it, everyone was complaining that it was too hot, I thought it was perfect, but it needed more of a “kick” It really wasn’t that hot, Ethiopian food has more of a kick than that stuff, I guess I was just eating with wimps.

Sunday we went to the Raleigh Vineyard for the morning service, there was a really good sermon on why do we beleive the Bible is accurate. I really like pastor Mike down there, he makes sure the sermons are actually relavant to everyday life. Then we jined my aunt and uncle at the Ripe Tomatoe, Red Tomatoe, Something Tomatoe. I didn’t know what to expect with a restaurant that was nothing more than a salad bar, but I really liked it, it was good food. I would go back. Then leaving the kids with them we headed to the Cary Ethiopian Pentecostal Church in Amharic. Of course I got lost, and showed up 15 minutes late, but we were the 3rd ones there, it starts somewhere around 2, not exactly at 2, go figure, Ethiopian time. I was able to make out the word for sheep in the story of Abraham and Isaac, and we learned a few religous phrases in Amharic, but for the most part it was lost on me, Heather knows a lot more Amharic than I and she was able to figure out the base words, but the prefixes and suffixes are too advanced still.

After the service we were asked (in English) to stand up and say a few words, Heather went first and introduced hrself in Amheric, I tried, and did the AMharic fine, but stumbled over my own name. For those that don’t know you add suffixes to make what you are saying masculine or feminine, I was repeating what my wife said and half way through I realized I may be saying, I’m a woman named Avery, I wasn’t but the thought threw me off my game.

So we were dismissed and the pastor came up to me, no introductions yet, and said: “So when are you moving to Ethiopia?” I thought I misheard, but he continued, “God has put a call on your life to Ethiopia.” OK? No really, I do want to go, and I feel the same call, but I thought it would be a few years, God keeps opening doors all around us right now, I know there is still things to do here, I just don’t know. Then he pulls out a business card from a guy named Eddie from the town 30 minutes south of mine. He lives in Ethiopia now and is an ordained Vineyard pastor. We’ve been e-mailing each other…… Just what is God doing?

So Monday we get up pile in the car and go to the beach. All day in the sun, flying my kites (I love kites and have really cool expensive ones my mom buys me), eating junk food, swimming with the kids amd getting sun burnt. All in all a very good day, and we got to do it with one of my fest freinds and his family, too cool.

Tuesday I took my mandatory use some time off or lose it. I did NOTHING. In fact I didn’t even take my kid to school. We all slept in, lounged about for the entire day and did absolutely NOTHING. It was beautiful.

And thus I have spent the rest of the week playing catch up.

I’m sure I’ll have plenty to say next week as I am spending the entire weekend with my in-laws camping at Pilot Mountain. Pray for me.

2 Responses to “i don’t have anything to say”

  1. tiffani Says:

    Avery, Wow it has been really amazing to read your blog!! My husband and I are in Canton ohio with a new Vineyard Church plant!! We are planning on adopting from Ethiopia and are feeling a calling to move to Africa as well…It was really cool to connect with you and your wife and I don’t even know you all!! God bless Tiffani

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I see you made it to the bottom of the front page, there are also archives over on the side — a few months, if you really want to read them–>

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