I won

Time for the acceptance speech, I would like to thank God who made this possible, and my producer and my manager and my…… oops wrong speech.

Seriously, I won the Golden Keyboard Award from http://owlhaven.blogspot.com

Thank you Mary for inflating my ego even more than it was, now call me Pope Avery.

If you are adopting you need to find this song, The Orphan, by the Newsboys

I must listen to this everytime I’m near a CD player. One of my favorite artist of all time wrote this, Steve Taylor!!!!! Anyways, here are the lyrics, as the clip is only 30 seconds:

Maybe I push when I’m meant to be still
Maybe I take it all too personal
Jesus, how to reconcile
The joyful noise
The ancient land
The tug from some invisible hand
The dying other weaving bulrushes
Along the Nile

Float her basket over the sea
Here on a barren shore
We’ll be waiting for
A tailwind to carry her (an) orphan’s cry
(A tailwind to bring us your sweet cry)
Don’t you worry, Child
I wrote a lullabye
(I’m gonna sing you a lullabye)

I try to settle, but I just pass through
A rain dog, a gypsy
A wandering Jew
All those homes were not ours
Then I slept one night
In Abraham’s field
And dreamt there was no moon
The night he died
Counting stars

Building you a home
We’re building you a home

2 Responses to “I won”

  1. Avery I have a new name to my blog.Come visit me.

  2. great grill tips!

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