the arsenals

A lot of my Ethiopian kids’ friends from the home have recently been placed with their new American families. This is really cool for them, and because of the wonder of e-mail we have obtained little glimpses into our kids that have been like nuggets of precious gold to us. One of these little nuggets is that my son’s favorite team is the Arsenals (soccer) and his favorite player is Jose Antonio Reyes. Well I thought I would pop over to the official website and order him a few little trinkets and what have you, but I discovered the only pricing on the site was in the English pound. Not that I don’t trust my math skills to do a conversion, but I don’t, I e-mailed the website contacts to see if there was an American vendor for their merchandise. Also I didn’t want to pay the shipping fees. I told them I was the typical American in regards to soccer and I don?t know that much about it, but I told them I was adopting a huge fan. Well his team has a huge heart, and they sent him an autographed photo of Reyes, an Arsenals banner to hang on his wall, several player stats cards (including the mascot of all things), an Arsenals scarf, a small poster of the team, the 2006 official team book, and a history of the Arsenals guide. Not to mention I had already purchased him a large Reyes’ poster and am framing it for his wall. I already feel good about my new favorite soccer team. In my e-mail I was looking for where I could obtain an autographed photo of Reyes and where I could find an American vendor for the merchandise. The funny thing is the first e-mail I received was one telling me how to use my debit card and to trust them that they would convert the cost for me, and to just trust them that the conversion would be accurate (and not know how much I was spending), and that they only send autographed photos to charities for fundraisers. Apparently I also hit a few secretaries though because I received a e-mail from one of the secretaries letting me know all the ladies at the office were grabbing little knick knacks from around the office and were sending it. Way too cool! I can’t wait for him to get here so he can see the stuff. It’s way too cool. And it makes me happy to see that my new favorite soccer team has such a good heart!

2 Responses to “the arsenals”

  1. Awwwww, that is great.

    I lived in England for years and we are huge football fans in our house (World Cup anyone?). I am a Manchester fan and my husband likes West Ham (blech).

    I am glad you got some stuff. The pound is high right now. It is 1.80$ for each pound. Double. I am going to be in London next week and again the week after that. If you want me to pick up some more stuff let me know. Happy to. I will already be getting all my Indian food and candy to bring home for myself. :=)

    Will you guys get to travel before the courts close?

  2. It doesn’t look like it.

    It appears as if we are in for the long haul and will have to wait until the fall. There is still a chance, but it’s pretty low

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