A Quick Quiz

I could ask you his name, he is rather famous, but I don’t care if you know who he is.

I could ask you what he does for a living or why he is so famous for what he does, but once again, for the purpose of this quiz I just don’t care if you know.

All I want to know from you, please use the comments feature and let me know your answer to this very simple quiz, is to tell me what you would tell the police if you were asked to describe this man’s ethnicity.

That’s it, just tell me his ethnicity.

I’ll post the answer after I get some responses.

5 Responses to “A Quick Quiz”

  1. I don’t know who this man is. If I was in the US I would say, “black, African American but pretty light skinned.” If I were in France, well, he might be French or Algerian. Could be from lots of places, Yemen, Saudi, Ethiopia, Somalia. In the US, though definitely glossed as “black.”

  2. I would agree with Um skandar….I do not know who he is but is he British? Ethiopian?
    He is nice looking…


  3. My guess is there is a hitch in this quiz but I’ll take the bait. Honestly if the police were to ask me I would say African American.
    What’s the answer?

  4. I am sure there’s going to be a V8 moment here but I will give you the first thought I had was a “slender black male” is the first thing I thought to say as a description.

  5. I will be making a post with teh answer later this week. I was hoping for more conversation, but oh well.

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