the family…. minus 2

So my wife went and got herself a blog, she has spent the last few months making fun of mine, but the jealousy bug finally took over and she is showing her narcisism now. Personally I think it’s hysterical, and since she is posting photos of our family, minus two, out on her blog and I link to hers, there is no real reason to not post the pictures of my kids here.

Please check out her site. She really wants some people to come over and comment on her blog. Of course I get over 20 hits a day (the counter is only supposed to show unique users although I know it messes up depending on your ISP) and I can’t get too many responses to my post here. Of course I’m not a “mommy blogger” so I don’t fit the mold for 90% of who comes through here.

Now booking for engagements of all kinds, as long as you don’t mind listening to “OK” musicians play Vineyard worship songs. Actually Heather performs all teh time, but I don’t practice nearly enough to really be any good as a backup for her. I mean when she pulls out a song tells me the title and starts playing, and I’ve never even heard the song before in my life, well that’s a sign that perhaps I need to practice a bit more. I love playing my djembe, but I really, really, really want one of those HUGE REMO djembes. The brown fiberglass ones that look like they were made from mud, that have 24″+ heads on them. Yeah the $300 ones……
Yeah, dreaming I know. Hopefully I will have my own acoustic bass guitar soon. I traded an old Kustom mini stack I had for my electric guitar for a acoustic bass with my neighbor. At least I think I did. He has the mini stack and was going to use it in his studio and fell in love with the stack, I told him what I wanted and he told me that is sounded good to him and the guitar is supposed to be at a freinds house a few hours down the road. I can’t play the guitar any more, a table saw chopped my finger in half and I can’t make any of the chords that require the use of that finger and the bottom 2 strings. I don’t know how to play a bass but I’ve played around on one and I think I can play a bass. It’ll be fun to play a guitar again, and It’ll give me more range in playing with Heather.

So long and farewell for now, and oh yeah, it’s a bit late, but did you see the hillbilly Hurricanes who live in a city that the only ice they see falls from the sky in golf ball sized hail, who beat the Oilers who live in a city that I don’t think the lakes ever really thaw (and to add to the glory it’s my brother’s new married into home country)!!!!! Not to mention they had to beat my brother-in-laws hometown team to get there. I’m doing pretty good with my teams….. I get something to gloat over the brother-in-law with and something to pick on the brother with…..

One last picture, just because it’s so cute before I go…

5 Responses to “the family…. minus 2”

  1. Even though you aren’t a Mommy Blogger (don’t kid yourself about that one…yours is a safe haven from arguements about natural childbirth and breastfeeding…whew) I find that what you have to so is always interesting and I LEARN a lot from you.

    Thank you for pictures of your beautiful children. 🙂 The story about your anniversary was great too. MOst women would be upset or grumpy but Heather sounds like she can roll with it. Bravo. 🙂 You are a romantic guy (saving money for your special dinner…awwwwww). 🙂

    Now I am off to check out her blog. I leave on Friday for Kenya. 🙂

  2. Great pics and I checked out the wife’s blog — gotta love a blog that shows food… Mmm… So, I am near the bottom of the blogs you read — I really better step it up a notch. LOL. Keep up the great blog. I enjoy checking in (and now I’ll be checking in with your entire family! – amazing this internet thing here…)

  3. Hello Stranger… Just reading through your blog and thought I’d let you know that Edmonton is actually in the middle of a heat wave now with temps hitting around 40c (which would put it around 100 for your understanding)… the lakes are certainly thawed out now!

    PS The pics of the kids are great!

  4. your kids are so cute!

  5. Thanks for sharing this information. Really is pack with new knowledge. Keep them coming.

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