Beateseb’s Got Family

I know it’s a bit late but I wanted to share with you my father’s day present:

You’ve met Beateseb before, as well as the great story behind him, well for father’s day he got some extended family. Heather had thought it was funny when I did a bunch of research on betta fish, as I wanted Beateseb to live more than a week in our house, and as I did the research I found that I really liked crown tail bettas. Well Heather found a really pretty black and red crown tail, he is in the green fish tank, and she bought a red betta as well. Originally they were in one of those small beta tanks, but the thing was so small I felt bad for the fish, plus the crown tail is so timid that he wouldn’t leave the gravel on the bottom of the tank. So that tank went back and we got 3 seperate tanks for each of the fish. Well when Kaitlyn saw Heather had bought two fish she assumed the extra fish was for her. So like a good dad it’s hers. I guess I have to get two more for when the rest of my kids get home.

So what di my daughter namer her bright red betta. Well after talking her out of Kai Beateseb, and trust me it took some convincing, she decided on the name Konjo. He really is a nice looking fish, and if you can’t tell he is in the tank with red gravel and a pink plant, our kids now think fish have to be in tanks that have the same color as their natural coloring! Well after a bit of debate on what it actually means, my dictionaries don’t agree, I decided to name my crown tail Ras. My dreadlocked betta fish is still very docile, but all 3 of them will actually let you pet them. i don’t know what is wrong with these fish, and don’t you dare tell my kids I pet the fish, I can only imagine how far they would take that! So in tribute to color coating everything I present you with the color coated family. We had a family portrait done for free for the church directory, and we put Lucas in the middle for that shot so it actually makes the Ethiopian flag in the portrait. The funniest part of the picture to me though, is I am wearing a necklace I bought in Kenya, and ther rest of the family is wearing the necklaces we made, yet my necklace looks the least Ethiopian of all of them… go figure.

My post are going to be short for a little while, in fact at the end of this week I will be traveling to PA for a conference and I don’t know when I will get to post, if at all while there. i will be at the regional Vineyard Church conference, and I will be very, very busy. This will also mark the first time my family has ever done a “vacation” where it doesn’t involve staying with family, seeing a timeshare, or sleeping in a tent. It should be fun.

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