This Blog Won

I’m not one for patience, so i will be closing down operations on blogger.

Please pimp out my new blog with me. I had over 2000 unique hits on my old blog, and now I’m deflating my ego back down to the under 100 mark.

 what to do, what to do…….

my ego can’t take these low numbers!!!!!!!


2 Responses to “This Blog Won”

  1. Yeah, that’s the sucky part about moving– ya wonder how many readers you’ll lose. When I went to change you in my blogroll I was embarrassed to see I didn’t have ya there in the first place (slapping forehead). I wonder how many other of my favorites I have forgotten? Yet another hassle of moving, I guess. Anyway, I fixed that. Hope you like your new place


  2. I really like the format of wordpress on both your and Mary’s blogs. Maybe one of these days when I get inspired I’ll switch myself!

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