Daddy Bloggers????

Ok, so there is this phenom of “mommy bloggers” especially in the Adoption community, but I’ve noticed a very large gap when it comes to dad bloggers. Apparently there is even a “Blog Her Conference” for women who blog. I know this because several of the blogs that I actually read had authors who attended.

I even went to the site, and do you know they only have 3 dads blogging over there?!?!?!?! I don’t even know if you can count the one guy, as he blogs about the social service programs in each state, a needed resource in the adoption community, but it’s pure factual informational blogging. Then you have 2 great guys, but I guess I was hoping to find another dude adopting from at least Africa.

I know blogs are a “western” thing, and that most dads in
America spend less than 10 minutes a day with their kids. No, I’m not making this one up, this is an actual verifiable number. But I would think that in the adoption community you would find a few more dads more connected to the adoption process than what you do.
I also know that by and large the adoption community is women, and the husbands just go along for the ride. How many times do you hear about the adoptive dad who they entire process doesn’t become real until the kids are actually home? I’ve read the same books you have, and know why they speculate the man is the “passenger” in the adoption process, but even so I would expect there to be a few more voices out there. Now if you do a google on adoptive dads blogs, there will be a ton of results, but for the most part you are going to find yourself on a gay couples blog. It is what it is, and I’m making nothing more of it than that.So where are the other men hiding in the adoption community? Why are they taking a back seat, and am I that big of an anomaly? OK, I know that I am in some sense of the community, not too many long haired-tattooed-pierced-ordained minister-biker ANYTHINGS out there, unless you are specifically looking for long haired-tattooed-pierced-ordained minister-bikers. Now if you through in the transracial adoptive family, well you’ve added too many pikes in that fire, and well, unless you are looking for me, I don’t know what you will find. But there have to be a few guys out there in the blogiverse that like watching king fu movies while reenacting the fights with their son. Who cheer on the fights at the hockey game. Who like muscle cars and hot rods and choppers and bobbers. And who are actively involved in the adoption process and are out there blogging somewhere.

Can you point me to a kindred spirit? Do we exist?  If I have found them they are in my Blogroll, so I do know there are a few out there, I just want to know if you know of more.

11 Responses to “Daddy Bloggers????”

  1. Check out “Dad Gone Mad”. From there he may have a link to other daddy bloggers. He’s hilarious…..

  2. Oh, and the BlogFathers. You’ll have to do a search for that URL…can’t find it.

  3. Ok, you got 1. I’m a daddy blogger. Though I must admit, I would not have known about your blog if I had not, just yesterday, complained to my wife that I am tired of reading nothing but sappy mommy blogs.

    Adopting from Ethiopia
    Just submitted all paperwork and stuff, so my wife and I are newbies to this whole thing. Even so, she is still ahead of me and I would like to catch up.

    Great to make contact. Appreciate your candor!

    I’m 38, and I am a Lutheran Pastor in SE PA. The tattooed minister comment really caught my attention. Very cool!! Feel free to drop me an email if you want.

  4. Avery you crack me up. Yes there are fewer men out there blogging than women. My husband has occasionally posted on our blog but we always joke about how his posts don’t get that many comments. He’s a totally involved dad and was very involved in the adoption process–definitely not just a passenger. I do agree though that overall dads aren’t as involved, etc. It’s a bummer. I think it’s awesome that you blog–it’s one of my favorites. Keep on keepin’ on!

  5. Don’t know any dad bloggers Avery, but you could be paving the way and be the famous one that eventually all the guys at the BLOG HIM conference talk about!!


  6. they would have to be talking about me, not to me as unless it was hosted in my town, I’m too much of a penny pincher to go…. lol

    anyways, I’ve enjoyed reading dad gone mad, i like him so far, and I’ve been reading throught the blog fathers, but these are not part of the adoption community, I am really looking for some adoption dads out there.

    and we have a poster here who blogs, but forgot to link his blog. Come on man, pimp that thang!

  7. We co-blog and are adopting from Ethiopia. My husband wants a bike… but he’s of the short-haired, non-tatoo type of guy.
    But we’re not hard core bloggers – partially b/c he wants to spend more than 10 minutes w/ our current (transracially adopted) son and partially because of the nature of ds’s adoption.

  8. My husband blogs at times, but only when he says he has something REALLY important to say. 🙂
    And on the side of this blog are links to all his friends (all men) that blog, some are really consistent about it and really thoughtful! Enjoy!

  9. Avery,

    Like the blog, and love the story of your trip to see the little ones.

    I am a dad who blogs, we have 5 kids, 2 adopted from China, we are dossier-to-Ethiopia to adopt Mary & Marta, sisters who are 6 & 13, at AHOPE and Layla, and we are Vineyard people who love Jesus.

    Would love to talk to you more about your experience.


  10. shoot me an e-mail, be glad to chat.

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