The Second Chance

So in this little transracial adoption community there are several conversations that come up, and some with good reason. One is what movies/books/tv shows can you watch that talk about the race issues here in America with some education. This is a very valid conversation and one that needs to continue on a constant basis in every family.

Now it’s easy to find “white” movies, and it’s easy to find “black” movies. But it’s pretty hard to find a movie that discusses the race issue, and even fewer movies that discuss the race issue within the American church.

The Second Chance is a movie that actually does that, and it’s a great movie to watch at boot. Unlike most of the Christian sub par crap they put out in the Bible Book Stores this movie actually had a budget and a great director. Steve Taylor has been a hero of mine since he was fronting his own bands, and I still love the songs he writes, and wish he would start singing again. He wrote “the orphans song” for the Newsboys, and it has become a bit of a mantra around my house.

I encourage you to at least rent the movie, check it out and see what you think.

Feel free to let me know your thoughts as well.

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