crazy freaky shirts man, it’s crazy freaky shirts

What is it with the office? I’ve been told I’m not alone in this phenomenon but I truly don’t understand it. I work in a business casual environment, and several of our vendors give us polo shirts about twice a year. Now as you can imagine, the days following getting a new shirt the place is riddled with the same shirts, but what happens is that throughout the year, there are yellow days, orange days, black days, etc. I serious, over half of the department will wear the same shirt on the same day. As far as I know there has never been a memo, I’ve even worn the shirt the day after a matching color day, only to discover the other half of the department had the same idea as me.  

So today I wear my UNC shirt, it’s grey, there are no company shirts that are grey, and wouldn’t you know it half the guys here are in grey polo’s today. Come on, what the heck is that? 

Can you explain this to me in any way shape or form?

There is no communication on the color we will wear, for me I am just grabbing whatever is closest to my hand when I reach in the chiffarobe(sp?).  

There have been days where 90% of the people here where the same shirt. 

Explain this to me people, is it a conspiracy to play with my head?  

I’ve been tempted to come to work nude and see how many others follow suite, but I hear the mental ward around here is only has twin sized beds, and I’m a tall guy.

2 Responses to “crazy freaky shirts man, it’s crazy freaky shirts”

  1. …it’s all a conspiracy. we’ve been in on it, too.

  2. and your the head of it, that’s why I sent the Italians to take you out in the race….. the headbutt to the gear sprockets worked!!!!

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