Blogger Police

It has recently come to my attention that people are unaware of who the blogger police are. And since my mind is mush today and I need a filler post to meet my daily quota of at least one post per day, I shall answer the thus said question. And lo my answer shall rue the day you came here to peruse my mind. My logic with confound and befuddle you, my wisdom shall astound and admonish you, and I’m in the mood to watch more Monty Python today.  

The blogger police is a term that was derived elsewhere when a person stumbled upon a blog that was making a joke about enjoying the last days as a childless adult, and was referencing a friend’s child that was playing with empty beer bottles. She told a tongue in cheek story about the toddler attempting to taste the beer in the empty bottles. Now if you’ve ever had the misfortune of ever tasting baby formula you know how nasty the stuff is, and from what I’ve been told babies are born with a desire for sour foods, so it’s no surprise that when a child puts their lips on an empty beer bottle and taste the sour taste that they try to get more out of the empty bottle. If you’ve been on the internet for any length of time I’m sure you have seen the photos that float around of kids when they fall asleep on the floor and parents throw the recycle bin that was full of beer bottle all around them. No self respecting person is going to let a toddler get drunk, or even really drink alcohol for that matter, but some anonymous reader decided that the writer of the blog had an alcohol problem and convinced the adoption agency of the same.  

Now mind you, the entire blog entry was total sarcasm, and was a comical read. Not as funny as me mind you, but she was trying to be as good as me, only trying though. Well somehow this agency decided they felt the poster needed to go to therapy to continue working with the agency, luckily other agencies, who were given full knowledge of the blogs contents, thought the other agency was on crack, so although it has pushed her back in her timeframe, it didn’t totally ruin her adoption.  

The blog is dead, if you find it, it simply says, “THE END, this was a bad idea.”  

No one knows, well the agency does, but good luck there, who it was that started the fiasco, but the term “blogger police” was derived, and has created a heart of fear in the masses.  

Since then this term has also been used to capture the essence of those that used a Buddhist families blog to criticize the way they were raising their Ethiopian adopted child. Although not as dramatic, the mother has decided to retire from the blogger world rather than deal with the attacks from cyber space. I’m actually kind of sad on this one as I really enjoyed reading her post and watching the assimilation of her daughter into this new world.  

So who are the blogger police. Well I could use some words, but I would probably lose some of my readers, so lets just call them jerks with too much time on their hands.

My wife fears the blogger police, as she knows me well and knows that many a time have I gotten worked up on something spouted off and had to do damage control after the fact. If I was her I would worry about me too, and the fact that I am one of the rare daddy bloggers means I have actually attracted an audience out here and actually have a platform that people read. Unfortunately that just encourages my narcissistic journaling and I write on, Monday through Friday, closed on the weekends and holidays.  

Basically, if you are a blogger, and you are in the adoption world, know your words are in print, and sarcasm, humor, or not, they may come back to haunt you.

4 Responses to “Blogger Police”

  1. I miss Enat too. I have been following their journey since she was in Ethiopia last year and shared a couch with an Australian woman in our support group here in Oz. Don’t stop blogging Avery, it would be a boring old world. I love reading how you and Heather are going and look forward to reading about your children’s homecoming.

  2. Yes, its the tension in blogging — what feels very private (writing at our little computers) is actually one of the most public things we can do! Our words are searchable, linkable, scannable, and available in ways that we can hardly imagine!

    I’m very sorry to hear about the Buddhist adoption blog, I read it occassionally and enjoyed it.

    Keep on blogging Avery! Don’t let the trolls and blogger police slow you down.

  3. Yeah, no kidding. And people think that they alone are the police of the blogs. I took mine off for awhile, and then decided…. who cares. Besides… I like sarcastic humor. Keep it up. 🙂

  4. Yeah I was bummed about Enat’s blog as well. People, in person and in the blogging world, often have nothing better to do than criticize and advise others.

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