One BUSY Weekend


Thank you Steven for caring enough about those you have helped to take the time to meet with us. It was really cool to see as he spoke with several of the Shaohannah’s Hope families, he actually remembered them. He even remembered the couple that he had met in Disney World while walking around the park. WOW!  Better memory than I would have.

It was cool to be able to thank him for all the work he does in the adoption community, the attention he brings to adoption, and to see just how passionate he is to the adoption community, he took the time to hold every kid there, and took the time to talk to every parent there, it was really cool to have the chance to thank him for just 2 minutes, and yes, I sent him home with a copy of the letter I wrote to his daughter. I sung the praises of Shaohannah’s Hope last week, I won’t do it again, but for those that were thinking the last post was a bit random, well the above photo was taken on Saturday, that should explain it a bit more.

By the way, I’ve got to get it formatted to put out here, but I have a song he wrote but has no intention on recording on video……. A leave it to Avery exclusive…….

I will hopefully get the song posted later this week, in the meantime I want to show you my son’s new doo, I’m quite proud of this one:



2 Responses to “One BUSY Weekend”

  1. Too cool! I am so happy that SCC has been advocating for adoption for years now. Congrats on getting the grant!

  2. Hey there,

    I remember seeing a documentary about that family….what a cool thing to do. I am so happy that you got the grant!!

    I missed the whole blogger / adoption scandal (it happened while we were getting Nori) but I am sad that it has come to that. People are stupid and it makes me sad that something as silly as a story made such a big deal….

    How are the kids? Any news?

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