the missing piece

Please go and read my wife’s awesome blog and account of the weekend. I had intended on writing more yesterday, but the motivation was just lacking.

The only thing I need to address about her blog is the HUGE MISSING CHUNK!!!!!  You see we experienced “Enter the Worship Circle” one year ago, and twice this weekend, and have yet to see the beginning of their concert. 

You see one year ago we were at a bike rally for the weekend and I told my wife if she brought the kids to the rally, I would go with her to her concert. Well A friend of mine told me they lived right around the corner from the University the college was going to be and invited us over for lunch. Mind you we were only 20 miles away where we were at. Well it was an 1 ½ hour ride to his house, in the wrong direction. Needless to say my wife was MAD!!!! I tried to get us to the concert on time but we wound up on the side of the road screaming at each other, and the fight ended with her telling me to take her home. Luckily she has no sense of direction, so I took her to the concert instead, and it was awesome. The experience was unlike anything I had ever had before and I was blown away. My kids loved it and they found a style of worship that they still want to emulate to this day.  

Well on Friday we went to see them at a church about an hour away. 10 miles down the road, the van I was driving in, the van that belonged to the friends that we were going with, exploded. It is still on the side of the road. I managed to squeeze us all into my little Echo and we got there LATE. As you can imagine quite frazzled too. But it was really, really good and I was personally very challenged to bring the plight of the Ethiopian orphan into the public sector, not just the adoption sector. So I swore we would see the beginning of the concert on Sunday at the same place we fought at last year.  

Well we took another set of friends, my best buddy the Navy dude, his son, and my son and me in one car, the chickettes in the other. Well HWY 27 dumps itself out 2 miles up from the college on a 5 lane highway. I didn’t see a single speed limit sign, so I assumed 55MPH and did 60. As I pulled into the college a cop pulled me over for doing 60 in a 45. COME ON!!!!! IT’S A FREAKING 5 LANE HIGHWAY!!!!!! 

But it gets better, tall skinny blonde rookie cop walks up to my window and ask for my license. Then this happens: 

Sure, but can you tell me why I was pulled over?

Sir, do you know how fast you were going back there?

Probably around 55 to 60, I’m not really sure, it was a 5 lane highway and I was just going with the flow. (handed him my license) Sir, you were doing 60 in a 45.

That highway is 45? No way!!

Sir, will you please step out of the car?


Sir will you please step back here to the rear of the car where my camera can record this?


Sir, do you have any knifes, guns, weapons, drugs or alcohol on your person or in your car, or do you have any bodies stuffed in the trunk of your car?

No.              ????

Sir will you please step back here and take a seat in my car? 

Ok, at this point I am really wondering what the heck is going on, I’ve had a few speeding tickets in my day, but this is the first time I’ve ever dealt with this!! As I walked to the get in the backseat of his car he tells me, “No, you can sit in the passenger side up front.” He then proceeds to write me out a written warning for the speed violation, no ticket thank You Jesus!!!! But I didn’t really understand the progression of events. As I was getting out of the car he then told me he was going to give me a verbal warning for putting on my seatbelt when he pulled me over, followed by “you thought I didn’t see that, no, change that, you were HOPING I didn’t see that” 

It wasn’t until I got back in the car and had to listen to my Navy buddy chant his little song did I understand what just happened.  

The words to his little song??? 

“You got profiled, you got profiled, nah na na nah nah, you got profiled”


4 Responses to “the missing piece”

  1. To add to Avery’s little speeding incident story, Lucas was in the boy car asking our Navy friend, “Why is that policeman taking my Daddy?”. The girls drove by just then and saw what was happening. Kaitlyn asks me, “Is my Daddy getting under-arrested?” And to add to Avery’s story about his friends from the concert last year who invited us to their house for dinner before the concert- they said that the kids could go to the pool and that we would then eat supper. So, I drag my kids out of the pool they’re already swimming in at the bike rally. It’s 100+ degrees out, so they’re naturally crying because they can’t understand why I took them out. I explain that they’ll go swimming at Daddy’s friends’ house. Well, we got there, sat around in their living room, sipping lemonade. There was never any offer to swim in the pool, but that’s probably because there wasn’t a pool in their yard! I do my best to control these two hot, angry, tired, hungry kids for a couple of hours. I’m starving as well. And finally, they announce that they have to get going now to some prior commitment and we never got supper! Hopefully that puts my anger with my husband into perspective! I’m kind of over it now, but I swear I’ll never go to their house for “dinner” again.

  2. Avery, You won my VIP this week!


  3. email me for the html….


  4. email me for the html…. owlhaven at aol dot com


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