Video and Request

So during the Steven Curtis Chapman concert he got up and said he was going to play us a song he had written for our troops a few months ago. He then continued to say the song has never been recorded, nor did he think it would be, but as a vet I fell in love with the song.

As the fates would have it I had my handy dandy digital camera and it shoots video as well!!!!  The video quality is poor on the video, and I missed the first 2 seconds of the song, so it starts right as he starts singing, but the song is awesome!

I served in the Army during Desert Storm and Bosnia, luckily I stayed stateside support for my brief carreer there, but I have a deep respect for my brothers that took the battle over seas. I am proud of my boys in green and proud of what they do for our country.

Regardless of whether this is a war we are supposed to be in, whether it’s being fought for the right reasons or not, we need to support our boys over there and give them the hero’s return they deserve when they come home.

I would like to ask you to click the e-mail link here, and e-mail Steven asking him to record this song, if not for an album for a single for support of our troops.

Please take the time to write a short e-mail telling him that you want to hear this song on the radio, on your i-pod, in the deserts of Iraq, and the coast of Tripoli.

Thank you Steven for this encouraging song for our troops.

I apologize in advance for the poor quality of this video, it does focus at random times enough that you can see Steven playing the piano, but for the most part it stays out of focus.

So without any further rambling, I present you with the first in Leave it to Avery exclusives:

I gave up fighting the embeded player, click either of the links, they are the same file.

One Response to “Video and Request”

  1. The song is very touching. I will definitely drop an email to SCC. Thanks for sharing!

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