Caption #1 Winner

So first off thanks for playing.

Secondly the story behind the photo was on my final walk to the orphanage in Ethiopia I was taking photos of the region. I was photographing some shoe shine boys and this guy hollers at me, “HEY YOU, TAKE MY PICTURE TOO!” I oblidged and walked over and showed him his photo and he stands up and hollers “KONJO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” While pumping his arm in the air.

I don’t know if the keg was empty or not, and I doubt Addis has any college frat boys on teh side of town I was on, but he seemed like he would have fit right in with any frat party here in teh states…. It was Saturday morning and he may have been waiting for the ride home from the all nighter…. who knows…

And finally the winner, because he got the biggest laugh out of me is,

insert drumroll here,

are you pounding on the desk yet?

Well start.

I’m not telling you until you do.


I don’t care that you are at your cubicle at work.

do it

do it now

I give up, you are no fun…..

The winner is:

Rich with “Why is that dude with the Lion tat staring at my keg?!!”


One Response to “Caption #1 Winner”

  1. Excellent choice Avery. I’ll have to show this to my wife to prove someone else thought I said something funny. As I said before, she tolerates my sense of humor, barely.


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