Bikers For Christ



Yesterday was a pretty cool day for us. The Annual Bikers for Christ rally was over the weekend, it wasn’t in the cards for us to attend the rally, but we were able to go down and spend most of Sunday with my buddies. I’ve been into motorcycles since I was kneehigh to a grasshopper, instead of having baseball cards in the spokes of my tires I would tie punching bag balloons to the frame of my bike ti imitate the sound of the motorcycle. My parents bought me a bright blue girls bike for my bicycle (that’s another issue all together people) and I found this stoner dude that lived down the street from me and he was priming his corvette matte black and as a kindergarden kid iconvinced him to paint my bike too. My buddies would take our bikes and ride downtown to the firestation, there was a soda shop across the street that one of the boys I hung out with was able to get a soda pop or an ice cream bar for each of us. There were about 5 of us in my little group, now this group only lasted from kindergarden to 3rd grade as that’s the year my folks decided they wanted to try their hand at being Mennonite and we moved to the country to raise goats and other stinky creatures. But the point of this was my group would hang out at the soda shop because there was a biker bar across the street and we would sit ther and stair at the bikes, dreaming of the days that we would have our own and be able to ride around like they did.

Well I am still in love with motorcycles, I love riding them, being around them and the freedom of the wind in my face as I blast down the straight aways at speeds I shouldn’t be doing. So yesterday it was a bummer that I had to leave the bike at home, but I couldn’t fit a family of 4 in the bike so we packed into the car. Now several years ago we had tossed around the idea of creating a childrens patch for the kids of BFC members, and I submitted a design idea up to national HQ and when I got out of the car I noticed a ton of people walking around in blue shirts with MY LOGO ON THEM!!! 

I had no idea the design was being used in any way and was stoked to see it walking around the rally on so many peoples shirts. Not only was it made, but people actually really liked it. The founder of BFC, Fred Z, gave one of the shirts to my wife, she is wearing it in the photo above. That’s Fred and his wife in the photo with us.

Not that my ego needed it any, but it was really cool to see something I created adorning the bodies of so many people at the rally, and seeing as it is an international ministry, knowing that there are people in every state out there wearing it as well. Perhaps I need to design a “Leave it to Avery” shirt as well? Cafe Press makes it so easy to do…. what do you think?

I wished my kids were here with me right now. My son really likes motorcycles, or at least he thinks he does, all he has ever seen was the video of mine and the dirt bikes that inhabit the roads of Ethiopia. He would have love this weekend.

And in case any of you are wondering, I do have a “biker name”, it’s Raindog. Do you think you know why? Go ahead and make a guess, it’ll be interesting to see what you can come up with. I’ll post on the reason at some future date.

This post is here simply because I am trying to give yo ua post every day, Monday through Friday, I thought about taking this holiday off, but then I would be letting down my international fans (not to mention my Canadian brother and sister in law)


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