Melkam Enkutatash

September 11 has a bad vibe for us here in America, it’s been 5 years now and the face of America has changed a lot. But for our Ethiopian children, for our Ethiopian friends and brothers it’s a time of joy, a time of celebration. It’s a new year.

So as we go into this weekend lets remember the cultures we have blended.

Bundle your sticks and have your bon fire in the front yard.

Dress in the traditional garb and hit a church service.

Then grab some friends and drink a few beers while remembering 1998, last year. Well at least in Ethiopia that was last year.

And party like it’s 1999, because it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By the way, while I was in Ethiopia they were advertising for programmers to help with the conversion for the millennium bug that will hit there next year.

Honestly it’s a hurdle I never thought about at the beginning of the adoption, mixing the Ethiopian New Years with a very tragic American memory.

Any one who has found a way to honor both the American side and Ethiopian side without getting really weird looks want to chime in here?


One Response to “Melkam Enkutatash”

  1. Thanks for the comment! We did get a Betta and he is freaking out when I turn on the lights. I guess he sees his reflection? Poor guy is going to die from stress!!! Amy

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