This is why I don’t watch TV

I was watching TV last night and was flabbergasted by the commercial for the Reynold’s Slow Cooker Liners.

Set the scene: a perky blonde white woman is next to a frumpy older black woman. Both in lab coats. The white woman cooks her meal with the glad bag, the black woman does not. The conclusion is a “clean up race” where the white woman simply pulls out her bag and throws it away. The black woman starts cleaning the other pot while the white woman mocks her. The commercial ends as the white woman turns off the light on the black woman with a perky “oops, I’m sorry” then flicks it back on. Fade out with the black woman still scrubbing the crock pot, and yet to have said a single word.

Can you guess what my problem with this commercial is?

Good, your smarter than the person who decided to air this then.

I am a 30 year old white southern male. I have been happily married for 7 years, have 4 kids, 2 biological and 2 of which are adopted from Ethiopia. And most of the time I let the media’s stupidity roll off my back. But dude!!!!! For some reason this one just rubbed me so the wrong way. I’ve contact Reynolds, after mistakingly thinking it was a Glad product and contacting Glad first. I am still waiting on that response, it should have given them a laugh at least.

I’m still angry about it at this point. Normally TV doesn’t rile me up this bad, and this wasn’t the worst thing I’ve seen lately. I’ve written American Dad out of my adult cartoons I enjoy after last Sunday’s episode. I can watch Boondocks and laugh hysterically as they address many of the same issues, but dude, American Dad doesn’t have the same level of sophistication and can’t pull it off. It just came across as being stupid. But I am able to simply say I won’t watch the show any more, and I’m done with that. But this comercial, it was tame compared to the American Dad show, but I just can’t shake it.

What’s your feedback, am I making a mountain from a molehill or do you see it too?

13 Responses to “This is why I don’t watch TV”

  1. Avery, It is just bizarre that you just posted this. I just this *moment* finished a blog post on this very topic to release tomorrow morning on my Ethiopia blog.

    Great minds think alike.

    (Well, except in regards to scaling stairs with your HANDS hanging to the underneath of the treads of the staircase above you. You lost me there.)


  2. I USED one of those silly liners tonight – feeling glad that I got it free!

    I don’t watch much tv, but I do think I’ve seen the women of whom you speak. And if I am correct these two women do a lot of commercials together and are often “competing” to show the virtues of the products they get paid to sell. Again, if I have the correct ad series, I think one lady wins as much as the other. . . but I can’t wait to hear what Reynolds has to say – please share!

  3. I’ve never seen this commercial, so I can’t really comment. But I’d love to hear what Reynolds has to say! Maybe you should stick to S.C. Johnson products (they’re a “family” company, you know… 😉 )

  4. Good for you for taking the time to contact Reynolds about this. I haven’t seen the commercial, but it sounds pretty bad. Is it really that hard to think about how something is going to come across/affect people when you’re filming/writing/whatever something?

    Keep us posted on what you hear back!

  5. that commercial bothers me too- and it is funny how so few people get why I’m upset……”it is just a commercial”…no- it is more than that- and kids pick up on these things- I look forward to hearing their response……should be interesting.

  6. You’re not making a mountain out of a molehill: people do pick up and internalize images presented to them in the media. Even subtly negative images can have a profound effect — check out this video made by a high schooler that sort of addresses it. — “a girl like me”

  7. Just so you know, they have other commercials where the white lady is the one stuck cleaning. Pat and Betty take turns. Careful not to jump to the prejudice conclusion.

  8. But the problem is this is the first time I have ever seen this comercial. I’ve never seen these ladies before, and the way it comes across when you aren’t familiar with a series is exactly how I put it.

  9. I also find it sad that people recognize the names of the commercial characters. Even though i know that these are just “the reynolds wrap ladies” and they’re always harping on about some great thing or another, this commercial’s been bothering me too. Like…hello? did the civil rights movement mean nothing?

  10. Ingrid-
    Pat and Betty are real people and those are their real names. They are home economists that work in the test kitchens at Reynolds. I found it interesting that real people with real jobs were featured in their commercials. Because they are real people, that’s what makes them memorable for me.

  11. She’s not frumpy!! She’s real.

  12. So if i ever see a commercial liken to that wherein the white lady gets the shaft,i’ll have to pull my ‘white’ race card..get over this,morons.

  13. a person with the kind of (un)intelligence that becomes angry over a commercial of this sort,probably has the same kind of mentality to believe that the system itself as well as the media is typically i right? i’d bet money on it. always anxious to verbally pull the race card on someone somewhere..on the internet.

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