So I probably pay a little too much attention to my blog, it’s a distraction for me that I have two kids that I got to hold for a week, play with for a week, love on for a week, and now I am cut off from them, and can only pray for them. It’s a nice band aid for keeping my mind from wandering to all the things I wished I did for my kids while in Ethiopia.

But I was kind of disturbed when I found for two days in a row that my top referal was coming from a Yahoo group called Psychoward. Am I really that discombobulated? Well they did approve me for membership today and I found out from “dude” that they are a group from Grove university, mostly graduates if I understand correctly. Appantly my blog was more linkworthy than the book I reviewed!!! Also apparently Sandee thinks I’m sexy. (you only refer people to sexy blogs right?)

But the king of psycho statements from today actually has to go to my wonderful wife! My son, Lucas, came up to her while I was on the phone with her and told her that God told him his favorite show was on right now. Hether let him know that was nice, but he couldn’t watch any more tv until Kaitlyn got home from school. He then told her God told him that God wanted him to watch TV NOW, where my wife told Lucas that he needed to go and ask God again, because God wouldn’t contradict mommy. Where upon I died laghing in my office to the odd stares of the peo[le in the hallway outside my office. Yes, God checks His agenda with my wife. Wow, I knew she was a special woman (she puts up with stuff like this from me) but wow, I had no idea just how special she was!!!!  Now before you are too harsh with our parenting skills understand that Lucas does not shut up. From the moment he gets out of bed, until the moment he passes out at night he runs his dumpster. Doesn’t matter if you are there are not, if you can’t find him, just listen for the kid talking, the room may be empty, but he will be talking about something. When you have a kid that talks as much as him you wind up not thinking before you talk back half the time. If you’ve every been around a kid like this you know exactly what I mean.

Actually I thought it was one of the funniest things I heard in a long time, it really made my day. It ranked right up there with the time Lucas decided to use his 4 year old logic as we were going for a walk tot he library. Mind you I just listened to the kid work through this on his own, I just wanted to see where it wound up. It went like this, Angels aren’t alive so they don’t have to eat. If angels don’t eat then they must not have a belly. If they don’t have a belly they must be hollow like an Easter Bunny. If they don’t have a belly and are hollow then they must not go to the bathroom. Where upon my angelic 4 year old son looked up at me and said, “Daddy if angels don’t go to the bathroom do they have an anus?”

Needless to say I was still laughing a mile later when we met up with Heather at the library.

I love my psycho life. 

He still hasn’t gotten an answer.

4 Responses to “Psychos”

  1. Now that’s FUNNY.

  2. Avery, sorry, I don’t make decisions based on sexy…. unless it’s regarding my husband. Welcome to psychoward (even though I’m not on it anymore). I think you’ll find some discussions there that you’ll enjoy, and who knows, maybe one day I’ll meet you at a Homecoming bash?

    I finally got my husband to read your blog after referring to it many, many, many times. I really identify with your perspective, like I said in an email, “listening” to you makes me feel like you could easily have been another sibling in my family, and I think that if I (or my brother) met you in person that the conversation and laughter would come easily between us (and probably be an enigma to those listening).

    Psychoward is mostly people who attended/met at Grove City College ( a great school with great values but pretty deficient on cultural diversity of the student body (before I had kids I thought they’d go there…. now I think they might prefer a college where they aren’t the anomally… I mean we could count on our fingers the number of students there while we were there who had ancestry from Africa…)

  3. That was very funny…I also want to thank you for the link to the family in Malawi…that did come from you eh? I love it- we have family there and so its a joy to read that….if it did not come from you- then thank you anyway- for other stuff you have done that I can’t remember right now….

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