Mini-van Syndrome

Let me go ahead and start this off with some simple honesty, if it has more than 2 wheels it’s not an enjoyable ride. So this thought of having to buy a minivan for the family is killing me.


Of course if I could get a street legal van like this one I might be happy. 

So we have been looking around for something, something in our price range, but with spending over a year paying $350 a month for child care fees our “van fund is pretty gone. I had hopes to save a little face by getting a SUV but with the funds shrinking every month that’s just not going to happen.

 So what do you think I should be riding?

I’ve started looking around at the vans in the driveways with the for sale signs, you know the ones I’m talking about, the ones with more bondo than metal on the body!

Of course no matter what van we wind up getting though it’s going to be a serious killer to the male ego. You know the mini van syndrome. Heather becomes a soccer mom, and I loose so much cool having one of those monsters parked in my driveway. Even my killer bike doesn’t make up for the death of my cool factor. Like I said you retain a littl of that with an SUV, but still it not quite the same as a convertable corvette. Not that I have one of those anyways, but at least I come across as eco cool driving the little ECHO. Most people think it’s a hybred (the PRIUS is that) but it does get killer milage. But my leather clad biker self normally kills whatever “green” cool I get for the ECHO.

The huge thing I have to come up with at this point though is I need to find a way to afford one of those labido succubus vans. I wonder if I can find one of those companies that pays for your vehicle if you wrap it in their advertising.

We started this with the idea that we were adopting one kid, but as soon as we hit the referral we knew that wasn’t in the cards for us. Our family was going to outgow our echo in one fell swoop. Now we are on the market for the killer of all things machismo, especially since Heather has said we can’t have the A-team van, but I wonder if she would let me get away with this?


Yeah, I’d be the pimp daddy o dropping off the kids at school in that bad boy.

6 Responses to “Mini-van Syndrome”

  1. My hubby is saved from the total uncool factor by the fact that our van is black AND has a V-10. Hoss-powah!!

    But fear not what man can do to you (or say about you!) It is for your children that you are doing this–that’s what matters.


  2. We are also going to be buying a minivan soon being that our fourth is on the way. Yeah there’s a stigma but we’ve been driving cars from 1988 anyway so pretty much anything newer than that, no matter WHAT it is, is an upgrade!!

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  4. Oh my gosh Avery…you and Josh sound WAY too much alike sometimes… Josh hated our minivans, but loves our giant 15 passenger beast…like Mary’s it is a V10, and he has few greater joys in life than having some “thinks he is cool teenager” rev up his car at a stop light and then Josh blows past him in our “bus”. The kids love it too…LOL.

    Josh is always joking about getting MTV to “Pimp our Van”. He would LOVE the one in your photo. 🙂

  5. So funny!

    We too succumbed to the mini-van a couple of years ago. It was a sad day. I joked with my sister that I should make a giant “bumper” sticker to go on the beast that said, “This van is evidence of blessings in my life!” (’cause there ain’t no other reason I would drive something like this!!!)


  6. You’d be way manly in any of the above. And you know, maybe it’s just about the right advertising. Wouldn’t it make sense for Pampers to put their ads on a minivan?

    Your license could be “poop patrol”.

    Oh, but then the ego thing…

    I’m loving your site by the way;)

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