I wonder

What makes this photo so classic is these guys aren’t related, well at least I hope not be cause I like both families and that would put me in an awkward spot of choosing which set I likes best.No, really I just had to share this picture with the world because it’s proof of one of two things:

1) It’s either proof that as you get old and senile you become more and more like you were in your youth, I mean it’s pretty obvious these guys are both thinking the same thing right???

2) Or it’s proof that the Navy really does keep their boys brains in a cooler and doesn’t hand them back until they retire! Pray for my buddy, after making a lifetime career in the Navy he is finally loosing the skirt and going civilian in a few months.

Wow, he will be FREE! Unfortunatly for hime once Navy always Navy, you can never take enough showers to wash that shame off.

Watching him process through retirement from the navy and the transition to civilian has been quite amusing actually. I have spent my life moving around, and my work history takes at least 3 pages if all you want is the names adresses and my position while there, mind you I’ve had my current job for 6 years, but nothing for very long before that. But I get to watch this family transition from military life to civilian life, and I am watching the metamorphosus right in front of me. And it makes me wonder what my family has started to look like from the outside.

But it’s really made me sit still and take a hard look at my current situation in my own life as well. I’m adopting in 2 Ethiopian kids and I have to provide a stable environment and a diverse environment for my new family. Many of the things I used to think I wanted for my family just don’t fit in the picture any more and I have new desires and new vision because of this adoption.

We haven’t lost any freinds from the adoption, but we sure have made a lot of new ones. Even in my biker community I’ve shifted, things I used to roll my eyes at and ignore have become major issues and I have been forced to deal with them. I guess out of every thing I thought about I never saw how this adoption was going to affect my involvement in Bikers for Christ.

It’s funny the little things that change you so profoundly, moving from the Navy to civilian, to adopting two kids with a different ethnic heritage, the effects are profound and deep, and catatomically desimate so many aspects of what you used to think was important.

I used to be happy just being my family, and ignoring the plight of global social justice, but I have a burden that is so deep it’s indescribably now. I’m not talking about adoption, I’m talking everything, I wasn’t expecting that to came from this process, I mean it’s not like every family who goes through an international adoption then wants to get involved with social justice. No, this is a something new and deeper than what I was expecting.

I wonder what it will be like for my buddy up there the day after he is decomissioned. I wonder what his world is going to look like to him the day before and the day after.

I wonder because I’ve spent a week with my kids, and I know what my world looked like the week before and the week after. I know the difference something like that can make.

I wonder what a difference it will make for my wife when our kids move from theory to fact for her. I wonder what our home will look like when they actually come home.

I wonder if when I get as old as my buddy if I will start to make baby faces too.

3 Responses to “I wonder”

  1. Avery – I have always been right in your camp, had your back, but I gotta tell you, I have BIG issues with you now.

    …you can never take enough showers to wash that shame off…

    This just isn’t right man. As an ex-sailor, not a retired sailor, I have to take up for your buddy on this one and say something like…it sounds like you are bitter because you couldn’t pass the test to get in or something. I don’t know. Anyway, moving on in infinite amounts of grace for you…

    I do agree and I hear you about the changes that have apparently happened in you and your family. Ours is a similar story, and as I just explained to my Mom the other night, my entire world view, and understanding of God’s Kingdom and what it means to be a follower of Jesus has radically changed. The old me and world I lived in cannot fit the things I’ve learned.

    Good stuff from you after the obviously skewed view of the USN.

  2. Not bitter, Just ARMY, and I have my Desert Storm ribbons to prove it (even though I never left the States)

    He is my best freind, really he is, but he is Navy, at least he’s not Air Force.

  3. Same ribbons, never left the states either. I was in the desert of Idaho teaching students. I told my boys I was in the desert during the war, but they didn’t buy it and weren’t impressed.

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