Updates, Updates, Updates

Ok, I don’t know what is going on with wordpress, a long post yesterday and this thing junked out. What’s up with that, I’ll rewrite the post later though.

As far as the crock pot Glad has responded to me, to let me know they aren’t the ones that made the product. Yeah me! Reynolds on the other hand doesn’t think I’m worth responding to.

As far as the bike, it’s back on the road, $590 later. It got in and they called me to let me know the kevlar was showing on the tires (in other words there was NO rubber on parts) I gues I haven’t paid much attention to the tires lately. It has a new chain, as that was shot, and new sprockets, as they were bent, and new bearing in the axle. Well at least it rides better.

Still no van, and no prospects on the horizon.

And the best news of all, the courts reopen next week for new cases, and after a year of waiting on our referal we are going to court!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That would mean our kids should be home for Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6 Responses to “Updates, Updates, Updates”

  1. Congratulations- and that will be here before you know it!

  2. A toast to kids coming home!

  3. What wonderful news!

  4. Looking forward to hearing about the journey…again! But this time you will be returning home with your children.

  5. rich- I think toast is a wonderful idea! I believe I will make cinnamon and sugar toast in honor of kids coming home!

    Oh yea, I just received a letter via Fed Ex from Reynolds. They explain that the women (Betty and Patt? I forget) are not paid actresses, but are actual cooks in their test kitchen and have happily worked together for many years. Sometimes the brown-skinned lady is using the “good” product and sometimes the fair-skinned lady uses the “good” product. They assert that to say they are a racially biased company is not true.

  6. That is great news! I’m so happy for you guys!

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