Can’t do it today

Sorry, I just can’t post today.

 One of the families in my agency is curently in Ethiopia picking up their kids, and my son has been asking them,  “When is my dad coming back?”

 I’m sorry guys, but I’m fighting the tears, at work, and have no wind in my sails today. I love my little guys so much, and he is over there hurting because he has no way to process what is going and I have no way to comfort him. I can’t even send a message for a rough timeline.

Some people have e-mailed me asking why my blog doesn’t approach Ethiopia much anymore, it’s because I can’t ponder there too long or I get into a really bad funk, like the one I’m in right now.


5 Responses to “Can’t do it today”

  1. Try to hang in there man, and we will be praying (more) for Godspeed in getting them home. Peace to you all.

  2. Hope you get that court news soon!!!!!!!!


  3. So sorry about that. That is the absolute worst..when you konw they are there, you are here and SOMEONE is there with them but it isn’t you!! My heart goes out to you this weekend. Are the families allowed to take picture for you and shend them to you when you they get home? I know some agencies allow it and some don’t…

    Sending you a little peace from the other side of the US…

  4. I hope you get to travel soon.

  5. Avery,

    I almost cried myself when I read that e-mail. I think about and pray for your family daily and all I can say is hang in there, you’re not alone. Take care,


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