It’s all about the Benjamins

Today I made the easiest $100 I think I have ever made.

 I was paid for reading my own book in the lobby of a marketing research firm. Yes you read that right, I was paid to sit in a lobby and read the book I brought with me. Now I was supposed to take part in some market research survey but the geriatric people in front of me took so long in the interveiw process they ran out of time for me. I have no idea what the research was for, after sitting there for an hour reading my book they called me up to the receptionist, who told me they had fallen behind, and didn’t have time to get to me, and I could go home, with the check in hand.  

Now some people say that since I run a help desk at my real job that this is nothing new, that in fact this was probably more work than I do in a normal day as I actually had to use my brain to read my book (The End of Poverty, Economic Possibilities For Our Time, by Jeffrey D. Sachs) but I can tell you my emplyer does not compensate me with anywhere near $100 an hour.

Now the sad part is I was just paid some of my Ethiopian brothers yearly salaries for reading a book for an hour. I am so grateful to have the extra money right now, it’s very needed, but tormented by this disparity at the same time. It’s amazingwhat a global perspective will do to your outlook on life.

One Response to “It’s all about the Benjamins”

  1. I’ve read that book. It’s excellent, but yeah, you’re right, it takes some brainpower to plow thru! Not exactly light reading!

    Mary, mom to many

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