Monopoly Money for Ethiopia

We are attempting to raise $5 MILLION for Ethiopian Orphans.

The great thing about this is it doesn’t require you to spend a dime that you aren’t already spending.

As you know Mc Donald’s is doing their “Monopoly” game right now. Now I know they play this game every year, but so far I have yet to know some one who has won. But I am betting that a large group has a better chance than one individual. We are collecting games pieces and playing on line as well. All winnings will go directly to Ethiopia. How awesome would it be if we could outdo Madonna’s $3 million she is spending in Malawi and make a $5 million difference in Ethiopia?

If you would like to assist us you can play on line using the e-mail address of and my birthdate of 05/17/1976 . Any instant wins ($200 cards) I will need the game piece you played with, but for any property wins they will e-mail me with the information I need to claim the money. You can also e-mail me at  with the game pieces you collect and I can give you my address if those pieces are needed. (Has anyone every seen a “Boardwalk” in all the years of playing this game?)

The average annual income is $110 a year in Ethiopia, imagine what a difference we can make working together.

I know this is probably one of the oddest “fundraisers” I’ve ever tried, but it’s worth a try. The game pieces are there, thus the possibility of someone winning is there, how awesome would it be that the $5 million dollar prize went to open a clinic and school to get the mothers out of prostitution? To open orphanages that we could house, feed and care for the millions of kids that sleep in the streets? And to still have money left over to invest in the infrastructure of Ethiopia giving jobs to fathers so they can feed their families? Even on a smaller scale how great would it be to be able to go into Ethiopia with a few grand and get some of the street families off the street, and their kids in school, and put them into a position that they can be self sufficient again?

Please join us and lets see if together we can get a Monopoly on one awesome opportunity!

Please feel free to forward this on, as it would be really cool to make a huge difference in Ethiopia on McDonalds dime.

Thank You


2 Responses to “Monopoly Money for Ethiopia”

  1. i’ve gotten their boardwalk 2x’s before…

  2. I’d love to play, but wouldn’t be caught dead eating that stuff. Tried to play on-line, but it appears you need to actually eat the stuff. Or did I miss something?

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