My Family

For month’s we have been talking in the abstract, not giving any sort of names for half of our family, but with the court date looming around the corner, I’m going to let you in on a secret, my son’s name is Yosef, and my Daughter is Mihret.

Yosef is 9 and quite the ladies man, yeah, I know trouble already….. He is a leader at the orphanage but he is also very quite as well.

Mihret is 5 and such a doll. She bosses around the other boys her age (quite the feat in a male dominated society) and commands the toddler room with authority.

 So what does that mean when youhave 6 dominant peronalities in a house, where everyone wants to control everything…. yeah, I know. I am looking forward to the opportunities for growth in this next chapter, but most of all I am looking forward to closing this chapter.

It’s surreal, I can’t believe it’s almost over, and none too soon. Our paperwork expires right around the corner as well.

So I will be posting photos of my kids out her as soon as they are legally ours. Cool stuff to look forward to.

 Thank you for all of your support, now who is planning the adoption shower for these kids?

7 Responses to “My Family”

  1. It’s too bad you don’t live closer; I’ve got an 8-year-old boy who’d love to play with yours.

    So what do you need for these new family members?

  2. This is fanfreakintastic!!!!!! can’t wait to hear that these two children are home where they belong! congratulations and hope the remainder of your wait is quick and painless…..

  3. What AWESOME news! I am so excited for your family.

  4. Holy Cow!! That is so soon. I can’t wait!!!

  5. Congratulations on your court date- I am so happy for you and hope you have the energy to keep up the blogging after you get home.

  6. Avery! I’m so happy for you guys! By the way, I left a comment/question about your adoption (why is it taking soooo long) on your wife’s blog a while ago, as SC, my old blogger account, but now I can’t get signed in to blogger again, so I haven’t been able to respond to her response or comment… Anyway, Congratulations!!! And, if you have any suggestions for learning Amharic (I know you know some) sent them my way, OK?

  7. amy hancock Says:

    I can tell you what they need– A MINIVAN. So if anybody knows anybody who has a spare van lying around………

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