Wednesday Caption Me #9

Secret 1) Can You Find The Hidden Message?Secret 2) There is more of my family here than just my leg!

5 Responses to “Wednesday Caption Me #9”

  1. Help children…the feedburner icon is attacking my leg.

  2. A hottie for Christ
    the women of his life expose his true fire.

  3. I don’t like your blog today, as seeing that little hand on your pantleg made me cry! What a pretty little hand, huh?!
    Wifey Heather

  4. oz grace really Says:

    A Passion for children
    members of the family in a land far away
    showing a mans true colors
    being on fire for the Lord…

    united they soon shall be once more and great things to be shown in the furure.


  5. HI,
    I just started reading your blog after googling ethiopian adoption stories…so exciting. My husband and I just turned in our application for an ethiopian adoption. We are ecstatic to see what God does during this amazing journey. I would love an e-mail from you or your wife. It’s exciting to be able to read about someone else’s journey. God is awesome!

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