monopoly update

For those that are wondering, this is the way my board currently looks. I am 1 piece shy on every single category from winning.

I have the feeling this is the way the board will look at the end as well. The “funny” thing is I am the exact same on the on-line game as well. I would love to see the coding they used on the on line die as I know the on-line game is rigged, there is just no way with the number of rolls I have put in on-line that I would consistently land on the same piece every single time I go around the board.

If you want to e-mail your codes to me shoot them to me at if you have the winning piece and want to see the money go to help Ethiopia (all monetary winnings will go to Ethiopia) shoot me an e-mail for my address.


3 Responses to “monopoly update”

  1. Darn. I had a bunch in a envelope ready to mail to you but now I see I don’t have any that you need…


  2. i can still use the codes on the bottom

  3. My grandfather had faithfully played this game every year for years….
    and his board always looks the same way.
    I think there’s probably about 1 of each of those missing pieces for the whole world.

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