Prayer Request for Our Family

I received so many words of encouragement yesterday, so many prayers and I can tell you they were appreciated and very felt. Thank you all for your support and love. This grew longer and longer as I typed, the prayer request is in the last paragraph.

I know it’s hard to fathom what an adoptive parent feels in the process unless you have been there yourself. It was for this reason that I started my website, although it has morphed over time it’s still about the journey I have gone through on this adoption. I know that I have found out so much about myself through this process and that our family has changed so dramatically it’s hardly recognizable any more. There is truly a deep part of God’s heart that I believe can found in the journey of the adoption, I know Heather and I have entered into a new intimacy with God through our new understanding of God’s love for us through His adoption of us through the blood of His Son Jesus.

When we began this process in early 2005 I thought my kids would be home by Christmas that year. Our love for our children was growing even before we knew who they were, the call on our lives to this process was that strong. In September of 2005 we accepted our referral of Yosef and Mihret, and nearly immediately the adoption courts in Ethiopia went into chaos. I don’t know that I will ever fully grasp the reason for this journey on this side of eternity, but I can tell you I have seen the power of God and His sovereignty. We have made new friends that are very dear to our family through this process. We have been able to stand with other families struggling through their adoption process and celebrate with them once they have completed their journey. We have been a part of the discussion with other families helping them start the process of beginning their adoption journey. And we have seen God move miraculously in the lives of many.

Obviously Christmas came and passed without our kids coming home. But through the year we continued to watch our children go from the famished street kids, to happy fed kids. It’s been hard to watch our kids grow through photos, especially knowing there is so much more we could do for them without the 2000 mile gap between us. But it has been part of our journey. As you know earlier this year I was given the gift of a lifetime and I was able to travel to Ethiopia and spend a week with Yosef and Mihret. Honestly words don’t describe this time with them. Yosef and Mihret went from being photos and short videos to being real kids I could wrap my arms around, and trust me I did.

Father’s often try to describe the first time they ever held their child after birth, and we stumble for the words to explain the instant love we feel for our kids at that moment. As hard as it is to fathom the sensation is so very much the same for that moment when I first saw my adoptive kids. I wanted to wrap my arms around them and never let go, but at the end of the week I had to and saying good bye was one of the most heart wrenching moments of my life. It was in this moment that I was able to truly empathize with the families that have to make the choice of watching their children die, or to give them up for adoption. I knew my children were going to be safe and fed, but I also knew they were going back to being separated from me. I will never know the pains of a parent having to make that choice, but I also know that this empathy has driven me even more so to advocate for justice for extreme poverty so that the choice is faced by fewer people.

We were ecstatic when we found out we had a court date, ask our family and friends that we called in the middle of the night to tell them we finally were on the final leg of the adoption. It was then, when we pulled out our paperwork to put in our bags that we discovered our paperwork expires in the last week of November. For this reason rather than wait for the court date we contacted our travel agent, a true God send if you have ever tried to “work” with Ethiopian Air, and scheduled our flights. Unfortunately our case didn’t go through and we have had to cancel our travel plans. Thank you all for your love, your calls, and your prayers as we received this devastating news.

We were informed that there is a marginal chance that we may have our court date next week. The agency is on hold as the courts are in the process of re-approving the adoption agencies in Ethiopia, this is all American and European and Australian¬†agencies. They won’t know if our case will be heard in court next week until the director walks into court to pick up the approval papers. A more probably course will be that they tell her to come back in another week or two for the cases to be heard. It will take a miracle to have our case heard next week. It’s a good thing I serve a God that is in the business of miracles and justice.

Luckily I know of a few people that are willing to join with us in prayer and petition to ask for the supernatural move of God on this court date, granting favor from the eyes of the court upon this case. Please join with us as we pray for a miracle, specifically that our case will be heard next week and the final hurdle for this adoption with be over. The second half of the prayer is that we will either be able to find a flight in and have an embassy appointment before our paperwork expires, or that we will be given favor here with our American government and they will expedite our paperwork enabling us to travel in early December. Please join us in prayer as we long to answer the question Yosef has been asking, “When is my Daddy coming back to take me home?”

13 Responses to “Prayer Request for Our Family”

  1. Certainly, I will pray.

  2. Judith Kiplinger Says:

    Avery, tears flowed as I read your prayer request. Here is my prayer for you tonight: Great Father in Heaven, we thank you and praise you that You ARE in the miracle business and for your son Jesus’ special heart for the little children. We ask you, Lord to wrap each of these precious hearts in the almighty power of your infinite love and use it to gather them together once and for all. We pray for the courage and strength to follow you Lord knowing that you will never leave us or lead us astray.

    God bless you and your family Avery, Judith

  3. Avery…I am with you.

    I am so sorry that you guys are on HOLD again. THis is so frustrating. I didn’t realize you had the referral for a year. I have never heard of it taking that long.

    They are experiencing growing pains over there and I hope that all the holds and delays are for the better of all the kids over there.

    Lets get these kids home for Christmas!!! I have faith you can get that court date!!!

  4. Avery, I started praying for your whole situation as soon as I read your post yesterday. God Bless.

  5. Avery,
    I talk to Heather via email quite a bit and feel in some ways that I know you both (a little anyway). I cannot express how heartbroken we (my husband and I) were to hear your court date was delayed. I think those who want to should not only pray but like when Esther went to see the king we should all fast before Tigist goes back to get the potential approval. I’m on board would anyone else care to join me?
    Lynda (aka Daniel’s mom)

  6. Praying with you. This is a request only a supernatural God could respond to.

  7. Here from Owlhaven…
    Praying at this very moment for that miracle!

  8. Oh Avery, my heart breaks for you and Heather. I will definately pray for you guys.

  9. Prayers? You got ’em.


  10. Seth and Vanessa Says:

    We’ve been praying and will keep praying for the adoption of our new niece and nephew. May God bless you.

    Seth and Vanessa

  11. (((Avery and Heather))))

    I am PRAYING!!! I am so sorry. Words are so inadequate but I know the Lord Jesus can bring you peace.


  12. You don’t know me from Adam, but I found your blog from someone else’s and have been visiting from time to time.
    I just want you to know that my heart aches for you and your family and I have been praying that this goes through and you can be reunited as soon as possible. I cannot even imagine being seperated from my children this way.
    God bless, you are in my prayers.

  13. Kindly pray for our 13 years old son name “Jerry”. He is misbehaving. Not interested to studying and not interested to go to school. Speaking negatively. Not obeying. No peace in home.

    Kindly pray for Jerry become a Godly man

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