The UN states that 70% of the worlds orphan population lives in Sub Sahara Africa.

It’s estimated that Ethiopia has over 5 million orphans, that’s nearly 15% of the population of Ethiopia.

And they are one of the poorest nations in the world with no means to care for this enormous burden.

Yet my kids are stuck behind bureaucratic red tape, ignoring the fact that these are lives and families, not pieces of paper that they are holding up in court.

So this Wednesday at the unction of several others we are having a group fasting. If you would like to join us, cool. We are praying for a true miracle on this court date, read last weeks post for more details or head over to my wife’s blog, she actually has a much more eloquent post than this one about the same subject.

3 Responses to “70%”

  1. hey avery – meant to tell you that i had to change my url to la-urbanita.blogspot.com….

    not any huge reasoning behind it, but if you want to update your site, that’s the new url.

    hope you’re well!

  2. will join you…please pray for our bureaucratic red tape in russia, too. thanks.

  3. I have been reading your blog and will be fasting and praying for you on Wednesday. We received our referral for a 14 m old boy and are hoping to bring him home early next year.
    Praying that your two are home soon!

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