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calling in sick for the week, be back next week

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Adoption Education

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Adoption Education?

It seems as if in the modernist world no matter what the problem was there was an answer to be found in taking a class, reading a book or attending a seminar. One of the reasons I liked the agency we chose for this adoption was the fact that they didn’t require us to take an classes, as I’m sure the closest location to attend a preadoption class would be a minimum of an hours drive on the interstate from our home. Now mind you I have checked out every single book our library has on the subject of Adoption, I had more Psych classes in my college career earning my BS in Secondary Education than I ever care to admit (and I’ve never used my degree for a days employment in my life) So I’ve educated myself, and feel as about qualified to go into this thing as a person really can be. But I’m not a fan of someone else telling me to take their classes and answer their questions their way if I want to adopt a kid. But I am a huge advocate that not only do you need to educate yourself on adoption, the developmental stages your kids will go through, and thr special needs adoptive kids have in growing up, but I’m also a huge advocate of educating those around you, friends and family.

And of course my budget is always FREE!

So that’s why I love Adoption Learning Partners, they make their money on selling the certificates, but as far as I know there is no one other than Childrens Home Society that requires this for the agency, thus they are FREE to use and take the courses. 

The courses take a bit of time to do, but they are really good, even if they are a review of what you’ve read a million times before, and it saves your prograss through the courses so if you have to stop in the middle of one, you can pick up where you left off the next time rather than starting over.

I’ve asked friends and family to take a few of the courses, I don’t know if they did, in fact i doubt they did actually, but if you have “problem” familiy and friends (and all the adoptive families know exactly what I’m talking about here) this is a good resource to have. It’s very non confrontational as they get to get all the “facts” on adoption, but not from you, and at their own pace, and if they want to argue with the web site, well, it’s an arguement that you don’t have to have right?

Interested in Adopting?

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One of the biggest blockades to people being open to adoption seems to be finances. What if I told you I know of 8 Chinese kids that are waiting for a family, and have a benefactor ready to pay for the adoption for you? Sounds too good to be true, but it’s not:

Adoptive families would still be responsible for their travel costs, hotels, and transportation, as well as their home study and post placement fees. However because of the federal adoption tax credit of $10,630 these adoption expenses would eventually be covered completely.

These are all special needs children, but most of them are clef pallate/lip issues that can be medically repaired. 

 Now I know nothing at all about this agency as they deal with Asian countries and I have a heart for Africa, so you will need to do some research on them, but this does appear to be a huge blessing for any family out there that would like to open up their hearts to these special needs children.

If you do decide to pursue this, let me know, it would be really cool to know that this blog led someone to their child.  

Wednesday Caption Me #13

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Caption Me #12 Winner

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3 comments for my “Cereal Killer” posed photo??????

So who do I go with?  Just to throw someone new into the mix I will take sackrosanct 


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Do you ever get those questions that just make you tilt your head and scratch as you wonder where they came from?

Apparently at work I am the “safe” guy to talk to about “black” things as i have two African kids, so it wa sno wonder to me when I got some really weird questions today about what I though about “Frazier” Now mind you we don’t have cable, so I commented, the first time, that he was the only funny character on the show to me, and the only redeeming factor on the show to me, other than that I don’t know a thing about him. Needless to say I was educated real quick, and called into an office to see his little temper tantrum where he lost his cool, and lost his audience as well.

Of course this brought up the subject of the “N” word, and I have to side with Cosby on this one, I don’t care what color your skin is, it’s an offensive derogatory word regardless of who you are.  I invite you to read the Wikipedia entry on the word if you have never read it’s history. To explain how volitile the word is just ask my uncle who teaches 7th grade African Social Studies and is looking at possibly loosing his job after stopping his class to explain why it wasn’t acceptable to use that language in his class as he was teaching on the country of Niger. He gave the historic account of the derogatory nature of the word, and how it has no place in common speech, and because he is a white dude, he is looking at being punished for it.

Now I also found a clip of the public apology on Letterman last night, and you could tell the guy was really torn up. It was a true apology, and while at the begining it appeared to be a publicity stunt as the audience was laughing at his apology, he nearly left the interview as well as he realized this probably wasn’t the best format to use for the apology.

I think what happened was a travesty, but I also think it’s a travesty that it’s accepted or at least tolerated from Chris Rock, Tucker, or any of the “Kings of Comedy” but racist from the “Redneck Tour” (Foxworthy and the like)

But you know what, I’m just a white guy, who agrees with Bill Cosby, so I am going to ask you to do yourself a favor and read his words over here.

Yes there are questions that seem like they just come out of anywhere, walking into work and being asked about a character who hasn’t been on TV for years is one of them, but in a transracial family it’s becoming more and more of the norm for me.

I can’t educate everybody, but I do have to be ready for them.

Just what is her Secret????

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Mom came, Mom left, good visit in the middle, that about sums up the weekend. I really enjoy it when my Mom comes down, but it isn’t really blogger material, not unless you want me to go on and on about how my kids love her and she loves the kids. 

My sister joined her and had quite the trip in getting here. You see her plane blew both right wing tires on their landing in Phili, so she had to hop on a charter to Harrisburg, WITHOUT HER LUGGAGE!!! So we wound up going shopping for her as they also lost her luggage once it got off the plane! I spoke with a rep from United Airlines and he told me the airline would reimburse Grace for any purchases she had to make as she had only what was on her. 

Well I took her to the mall and we decided that since the airline was going to pay for it she should buy some good underwear and we went over to Victoria Secrets. As she was talking to the sales rep there they got talking about initials and somehow my sister brought up she was hoping to get married next year, the sales rep looked at me and asked my what was taking me so long, STOP THE PRESSES!!!!! No, no, no, no…..the only redeeming thing was the look on the sales rep when I told her I was her brother, first she was appalled at what she said to me, then there was the weird Mississippi look she gave the brother taking his sister to Victoria Secrets. Luckily I saw and diagnosed the problem as the sales rep hadn’t said a word since her statement to me, and I quickly informed her of the situation with the airline and the lost luggage. 

OK, so I learned something new this weekend. Victoria Secrets isn’t used to sibling in there together. 

At least it gave me a story worth blogging about and bringing a few of you a chuckle.