Wednesday Caption Me #10

I know it’s not Africa, but where is this and just what is going on here?


6 Responses to “Wednesday Caption Me #10”

  1. You know I keep trying to come up with something… I just CAN’T. What are they doing to thise poor babies??!!!

  2. Bobbing for babies?

  3. LOL!!! Ohh- honey can we have one please??? I’ll take care of it! I’ll feed it,and walk it,and dress it up in cute clothes….. can I, can I can I Please!!!


  4. An extremely dangerous way to bathe multiple babies at one time!

  5. Some sort of physical therapy? – and a really twisted idea!

  6. I’ve been thinking for 7 days about this picture and I can’t think of anything funny to say about it. It’s just the strangest thing ever. I guess I’m going to loose my journeyman badge this week.

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