Kevin Michael McKeehan

Better known as Toby Mac (used to be one of the fronts for DC Talk) You got to love the artist out there that play music you love, and have a transracial family like yours!  My understanding is his adoption was a domestic adoption, but his kids are super cute!

Toby Mac and Kids

He actually has 5 kids now, from what I can tell on the web, but as you can imagine, he doesn’t go posting his kids all over the web to see. Of course if you leave it to Avery I will find the few pictures of the artist I love with their adopted kids and post them here.  It’s funny that I have a few artist that I really like, and many of them I have discovered have adopted kids. One of my favorite all time artist, Steve Taylor has a beautiful daughter he adopted from Africa, as you can see Toby Mac has adopted as well, then my buds from The Swift are going through the adoption process right now. There are so many more, but I think it’s really cool to see that there are a lot of people in the entertainment industry that are getting this heart for adoption. You know, the reason you come out here and read what I have to say!

I love the fact that Toby Mac went away from the rap core scene that it looked like he was headed towards. He has a strong reggae flavor pop hip hop and is fun to listen to. My kids all love rap, but the family rule is we can only listen to rap when mom isn’t around (and as soon as she gets out of the car to run into the store my kids holler “WE WANT RAP” and then tell me to make it “LOUDER”) I’m glad my kids give me an excuse to listen to rap with them, I used to listen to it a lot, but I fell away from the hip hop scene as my wife really can’t stand the stuff. I listen to music so little that having a battle over musical preferences really isn’t how I want to spend my time, so we stick with the rock genre. Hey she had to give up country for me and so far, thank God, none of my kids have found an affinity for the country twang yet. Yeah, it’s kind of funny, I gave up listening to hip hip in the car (about the only place I listen to music, and if I’m in the car more than likely my wife is too) and Heather scratched out listening to country around me.

So if you’ve never listened to Toby Mac before, I have given you the excuse, and yes he does have a song he wrote about the adoption in his mix. I’m not the biggest fan of  DC Talk, Jesus Freak being the exception to the albums, but I love his newer stuff. His first solo album, Momentum, is a bit freshman to me, a bit too “pop” but the newer Diverse City stuff have a great flavor to it.  It really is worth a listen, it’s fun music to have for when you just want to jam to the rythym. And just to be a total pimp, click on the banner to find out is Toby is coming to a town near you.


23 Responses to “Kevin Michael McKeehan”

  1. Toby Mac is a big favorite at our house too. I had no idea that he had “diverse” family. My 11 year old son will be thrilled to hear it. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I think its awesome he has adopted children. Being an adoptive parent by choice to 4 awesome kids, has been the greatest thing to happen to our family. Having a transracial family isnt always the easiest walk, but I can only pray it will make us all stronger, and realize what we are all really here for…hopefully our families show this to others as well, and can be a living example of what Christ desires.

  3. your kid is sooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hey there!
    I really like Toby mac, you mentioned that your kids like Rap?
    May I suggest also Lecrae?

    Is there any chance you know what his son’s name is that sings
    “Hypeman 07”

    -Thanks, Jess

  5. Arpana Sharon Says:

    Toby Mac is a wonderful man of God. He’s been an excellent material of inspiration to people who listen to his music.

    Catchafire (whoopsi Daisy) based on some Indian style of music is one song i love so much. His other songs like Made to Love, Irene, Gone and etc have so much meaning to it that helps me the best during the ‘needy’ times.

    Diverse City and Extreme days teach me how much value my life holds and how i should start using it for the ‘real’ good.

    Thank you Toby Mac. We love you. We love the God who is in you.

    – Christ Freak ^^

  6. minihulk10 Says:

    i like Toby mac and hawk nelson

  7. Amy Knox Says:

    My son Cooper is so influenced by Toby Mac and his songs. He was told that he was dyslexic. He had a hard time with it, But listening to Toby MAc has helped a hole bunch. I wish that I could find a concert for him to go with.

  8. Tell your wife I said not all rap is the same – TobyMac is the only rap artist I can listen to and I love it.

  9. Arielle Says:

    OMG!!!!! i love tobyMac he is AWESOME im a christian and i love his sound and how it still provides God’s messages!!!!!!

  10. so cute

  11. the son who sings ´hype man 07´ is Truett the oldest child

  12. Carlos "Chuck" Salgado Says:

    I read his Bio- that he was rasied in Falls Church. I am curous cause I grew in Falls Church and remember a kid named Toby – unique for a white kid kind of stood out…..does anyone have additional information???

  13. wow tobys kids are sooooooo cute which ones are adopted?

  14. Um, I thought those were his bio kids. Isn’t he married to a black lady from Jamaica?…could be wrong.

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  18. why does tobymac have a eye on his album and a little trangle in the middle

  19. Johng40 Says:

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