is the DEVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!

So as you all know we thought we were traveling to Ethiopia next week to bring our kids home. But then the bell tolled yet again and our case was put on hold yet again. Of course this was a huge bummer to us and it’s set us back financially as now we have to renew some of the paperwork that expires before our kids come home but we apparently didn’t have enough to deal with, and decided to kick us while we were down.

You see in order to go my mother offered to watch the kids for us while we were gone. So once everything had fallen into place I did the good steward thing and booked my mom’s flight down here as early as possible to get as good of a deal as possible. The cheapest I could find was about $300 so I went to and used their name your own price option, and got a Ticket for $160, after taxes $200. Thinking ahead I spent the $15 on the optional travelers insurance just in case something terrible happened, at least we wouldn’t be out the cash there.

Well you know the story from there, the terrible did happen and so I faced the piper and called to see about this insurance thing. Well round one didn’t fare too well, I paid for it, I booked it, but it’s my mother’s ticket so she had to be the one to call. So we go into round 2 with my mother calling, well the insurance I paid for only covers death, hospital, or court procedures. Ok, right off the bat I am more than pissed off with this as this in not what I understood my insurance to be for. Well the minutes tick into hours and up and up the ladder the problem goes, supervisor after supervisor saying the same thing, “you’re screwed.”

Now mind you if one of my children had died in Ethiopia they would have refunded the ticket no problem, or if my mother had jury duty it would be fine, but the fact that the courts put me on hold doesn’t cut it. Even when the fact that this was for an Ethiopia adoption, that we didn’t care if we got a refund, a travel voucher would work just fine too, but no doesn’t like us. Finally getting off the merry go round and throwing our hands up in the air we now hate Of course I can’t even tell you all of the things my mother told me they said in regard to the adoption, but basically they don’t see these kids as my kids because they aren’t in my home here in America. Had this flight been canceled because my mother was traveling to be a material witness, and the court date had changed, they would have refunded the flight, but my adoption was an “elective” court procedure. Yes, I am the one who “elected” to have my court date canceled.

Therefore it is my opinion that is racist and hates international adoptive families as does their travelers insurance company. Perhaps this is an irrational conclusion, but no more irrational than deeming the fact that I can’t use the travelers insurance that I paid for because no one is dead.


5 Responses to “ is the DEVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. Avery, that is so frustrating. So sorry.

    I never understood travel insurance. It seems it only covers things that we wouldn’t really care about if we had to use it…………right? Can we get your mom called as a witness in a trial????? ASAP.

    I am glad that you are getting through court though…. it is so close. Both you and Anne got these last minute road bumps………

    You guys are in my prayers

  2. That sucks! I am so sorry! I don’t understand…it’s supposed to cover court procedures. You are delayed by the court. That’s ridiculous.

    I’ve had several companies screw us over too! I hate that helpless feeling and the fact that they won’t even listen to you. I guess “Customer Service” doesn’t mean anything to them. I will boycott them on your behalf.

  3. That’s capitalism at work! Sorry, it always seems to be one thing or another.

  4. well, not that it does any good, but now we hate too- that sucks. How horrible. I say we all flood their phone lines- snail mail and email servers with complaints on Avery’s behalf…….and on the behalf of HIS CHILDREN regardless of where they currently live- lets all pick a date and time and try to get this ball rolling.

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