With 80% of the world’s orphans living in Sub Sahara Africa, and over 2 million orphans due to AIDS living in Ethiopia we must do something.

I’m not saying that UNICEF is the answer, but at least they are trying to do something about the problem.  And they are doing it by one of the things they do best, running.


What I fing interseting about the celebrity thing isn’t who is doing what, but who isn’t doing anything at all. You can see the celebrity supporters they have here:


I just have to wonder why the page is so short, especially seeing has Hollywood is so “blue” and Africa is the prime time media getter for celebrities right now.

 Like I said, UNICEF isn’t THE answer, but it’s PART of the answer. I’m not trying to get you to support what these guys are doing, I just want you to do something!


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