Just one more company to despise

So I was monkeying around surfing adoption sites today and found myself in the middle of a viral campaign by Pizza Hut, Adopt-a-bite-now.com

Now it’s a common practice to put this stuff out on the web, but whatever you do don’t link it back to the actual company. Harley has been doing it for years with “fake” commercials “leaked” out to the web with really raunchy material in them. They can of course deny they ever had any thing to do with it, and the audience they were shooting for actually hears about it more by the fuss it causes.

What I can tell you about this site is it is owned and mantained by an advertising company, Creative Tank. Now a company like this doesn’t just make stuff like this for fun, it’s done by the sponsors request. Now no where on thesite is Pizza Hut officially named as teh owner of the site, and I can’t find anything on Pizza Huts site to say they are promoting it, but lets use some common sense.

Domains aren’t free, this site is registered under 4 different addresses. It’s hosted by rackspace, not a cheap host. And the videos on the site are professionally shot. There is some big money tied up into this vulgar site. To tell me this is a guy in his mothers attic making a site is not going to cut the mustard. About the only thing I would believe is somebody is out there making this site in the attempt to get Pizza Hut to pay them to take it down. 

 The SPCA annoys me with the adopt a pet programs, you know the adds that make you sick as you watch them compare buying a pet with adopting a new member of the family. I’m a dog person, I love animals, and they are a part of the family life, and it’s a sad day when they die, but it’s not the same as adopting a kid, and I get tired of them trying to make that connection. But when Pizza Hut goes over the line and begins to mock adoption well, it pisses me off.

Pizza Hut can be contacted via phone or using their website, if anyone finds an e-mail I will post it here as well:

Pizza Hut, Inc.
14841 Dallas Parkway
Dallas, Texas 75254

Tel: 1-972-338-7700

Media & Press Kits: 1-972-338-7844


Customer Satisfaction: 1-800-948-8488 (U.S.)

Now the site itself is not linked to Pizza Hut so they will deny, deny, deny. So we also need to address the people that are linked to the site itself.

In fact when I called them to speak with them about it they pulled up the site and informed me there is “no way they would ever do anything like this” OK, so I got the official line for you, but I don’t believe someone dumped the money that is in this site just for “fun”

This is the info on the site itself, like I said there is no proof that that Pizza Hut is involved, but I am asking that you e-mail Chris Dabbs and tell him how much you hate this site, and as an adoptive family how offensive this is to our kids:

 Creative Tank
 150 Fleet Street
 London, London EC4A2DQ  GB


 Administrative Contact:
  Dabbs, Chris  chris.dabbs@creativetank.com
  150 Fleet Street
  London, London EC4A2DQ   GB
 Technical Contact:
  Support, Tech  support@myplesk.com
  13800 Coppermine Drive
  Suite 112
  Herndon, VA 20171   US
  +1.7038155670  Fax: +1.7038155675

 Registration Service Provider:
  SWsoft/Plesk Inc,  support@myplesk.com
  703 815-5670
  703 815-5675 (fax)
  This company may be contacted for domain support questions.

 Registrar of Record: TUCOWS, INC.
 Record last updated on 06-Nov-2006.
 Record expires on 06-Nov-2007.
 Record created on 06-Nov-2006.

 Domain servers in listed order:


16 Responses to “Just one more company to despise”

  1. This page seems to link to the UK version of Pizza Hut:

    So maybe we need to contact the UK office?

  2. do you have an e-mail for them?

  3. Sorry, forgot to check back. I just found:

    John Derkach, Chief Executive


  4. reunionwritings Says:

    Ok fair enough but how about targeting adoption agencies who use false advertising to convince women to give up their babies?
    There are far more evil things in adoption that need your attention, use your good brains and organization skills to help with adoption reform.

  5. Barry Mockeridge Says:

    I really dont find it offencive at all. I dont think it’s mocking anyone. Isn’t the site just a bit of fun and saying that adoption is a good thing.

    I come from an adoption background myself and i smiled when I saw it.


  6. I was adopted from Colombia when I was 6 months old and my parents have always been very open about it. As long as I can remeber I’ve known about it and expect not to be treated any different from my siblings who are all biological children of my parents. The website is funny and I have no problem with joking about adoption!

    Who says adoption can’t be treated with humor??? Why get so upset over some entertainment whoever’s behind it?

  7. reunionwritings Says:

    URGH I just saw the ad, it’s really HORRIBLE. Abandoned at birth??? How tacky can you get.

    It’s so insulting to mothers who lost their children too. Of course it’s offensive. Sorry I didn’t take your post seriously.


    Joking about adoption can be good but this isn’t funny it’s really creepy.

  8. reunionwritings Says:

    I wrote to the head of marketing from Pizza Hut and received a response, you can read it on my blog.

  9. I just found your blog through Kim.Kim’s, do you mind if I add some of this info or a link to my post? I am so totally offended by this campaign. And so are all of the moms at my kids school…we just changed pizza companies hehe.

  10. The website has now been taken down!! C

  11. I know a ton of you have been writing, just like I have, it finally paid off, the site is down!!!!!

    I’m giving it till next week to resurface before I post on my blog that the boycott, and the letters, and the angry families, seems to have made a difference, and affected a change!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention, and for working to get it down! I was horrified, and so very saddened for my daughter that this type of thing could possibly happen.

  13. Oh, it’s not down at all. The website is down, but it’s easy to still see the video. On a whim (out of curiousity after seeing it mentioned on several blogs) I searched youtube for “adopt a bite” and it came up. http://youtube.com/watch?v=9nfxgAWczFY

    I’m not offended by adopt-a-pet. I consider my pet adopted because I choose to love her, care for her, feed and nurture her. I even took her to see Santa Claus, and she got a really nice Chanukah present this year. But adopt a BITE? No. Not good.

    And how creepy was it in the video that an Asian person commented about how she has friends that were adopted, but it’s not a problem that they don’t look like their parents? Isn’t that a little offensive, when they’re talking about CHEESE????

  14. People need to learn respect. Treat as you want to be treated. Do unto others…

  15. Mix distinct types of sauces and consume it.
    This time, Gibson nearly single-handedly beat his foe.

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