Caption Me #11 Winner

Honestly peole!!!!!! I gave you pure gold last week and I only get 2 entries!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Come on now, you are here, I’m getting around 300 unique hits per day, I’m pretty sure the FBI hasn’t caught up with me, yet, I was a woman back then, ooops I mean, forget everything I just said….

But for real, I actually really tried last week and no one was willing to bite, well 2 of you were.

That said I really like my brother’s entry but the chuckle he earned doesn’t make up for the fact that he is 1) my little brother, therefore the recipiant of my scrutiny and abuse, 2) he is my kin, and therefore should know better than to be using blogspot to blog, 3) he lives in Pittsburg, come oun people it’s PITTSBURG!!!!!! and 4) the guy still owes me the massive qauntities of Big Red that he promised on his blog for anyone who posted on his blog MONTHS ago!!!

So obviously I agree with my sexy wife and BiologyFool wins. It really made me laugh and that is a good thing, Now the funny thing is I can find his kids names on his blog, his wife’s name on his blog, but I have no idea as to his actual name, but he did point me to one of the coolest web sites for this time of the year on his blog, 

Ok people lets see more participation.  I’m going to run this game until my kids are home, that’s what I’ve decided. The grand prize winner, who is only eligible by winning a weekly contest, will actually hold in their hands a peice of Ethiopia. Yes, That’s right, the grand prize will be imported, by hand, by Avery, from Ethiopia. Now lets see some people start working on weekly participation, by the way, this weeks picture is a hoot! Bonus points to the person who comes up witht eh same title I have for it!


3 Responses to “Caption Me #11 Winner”

  1. Can’t dispute that first one, but I’m too lazy to switch from blogger, Pittsburgh is a fine and nice city, and I hoped you’d forget about the gum. I only had about 30 packs of Big Red and another 120 of Winterfresh. Though there’s still a distinct possibility that I’ll end up with a whole bunch more.

  2. Blogger wouldn’t even be that bad for you if you would bother to blog every now and then….. At least Grace post every now and then, you have to have your super duper captain crunch decoder ring to understand what she is saying, but it get’s updated, the last thing you did was put out a fuzzy pic of your haircut (camera phones suck dude) Speaking of which, Mom and Grace will be here at 2am tomorrow morning!!!

  3. You don’t remember that I won 2 weeks ago (and wasn’t signed into wordpress, so it showed my real name)?
    -Brian (off to go put my name in my About me..then finally put up my badge)
    PS link is broken.

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