Who Would You Give A Volvo To?


Every now and then I like to go out and shop for vehicles that are just so far out of my league it isn’t even funny, like this $60,000 Volvo XC90 here. Sure cameras to help you back up, wipers on the headlights, headlights that move with your steering wheel, AWD, V-8, leather interior may seem nice now…. but, but, no, it’s just nice period, but WAAAYYY out of my range. Something around $2000 (no that’s not a typo) is more in my ball park. Yeah, you know the kind of van I’m looking at.

But that isn’t the reason for this post, Volvo actually has a pretty cool thing going on right now. You can go to their webpage and submit a story on who you would give a Volvo to if yu could and they publish the stories on line. Hey, want to give me a fat head, go publish a story on why I deserve the XC90, in fact here is a picture to use when you do it.  You may need to re-size it if you feed my narcissism.

I just thought it was a cool littl e site, and you have to give permission for the photo to be used, for those that don’t have it you can use magnaavery@yahoo.com to reach me, and flatter me.

More than that though it’s nice to promote a company that does something nice for a change.

Also go over here http://www.theofficedvd.com/dwight/ to have Dwight Schrute call anybody you have a number for. We have been playing with the TP message all week here at work, you can hear the laughter through the hallways as people get the call……


2 Responses to “Who Would You Give A Volvo To?”

  1. okay that office thing is hilarious, thanks for a good laugh!

  2. Oh my goodness–thank you so much for posting the Office thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My brother, My Dad, and I are obsessed with that show–I sent them both messages….I’m still laughing

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