Just what is her Secret????

Mom came, Mom left, good visit in the middle, that about sums up the weekend. I really enjoy it when my Mom comes down, but it isn’t really blogger material, not unless you want me to go on and on about how my kids love her and she loves the kids. 

My sister joined her and had quite the trip in getting here. You see her plane blew both right wing tires on their landing in Phili, so she had to hop on a charter to Harrisburg, WITHOUT HER LUGGAGE!!! So we wound up going shopping for her as they also lost her luggage once it got off the plane! I spoke with a rep from United Airlines and he told me the airline would reimburse Grace for any purchases she had to make as she had only what was on her. 

Well I took her to the mall and we decided that since the airline was going to pay for it she should buy some good underwear and we went over to Victoria Secrets. As she was talking to the sales rep there they got talking about initials and somehow my sister brought up she was hoping to get married next year, the sales rep looked at me and asked my what was taking me so long, STOP THE PRESSES!!!!! No, no, no, no…..the only redeeming thing was the look on the sales rep when I told her I was her brother, first she was appalled at what she said to me, then there was the weird Mississippi look she gave the brother taking his sister to Victoria Secrets. Luckily I saw and diagnosed the problem as the sales rep hadn’t said a word since her statement to me, and I quickly informed her of the situation with the airline and the lost luggage. 

OK, so I learned something new this weekend. Victoria Secrets isn’t used to sibling in there together. 

At least it gave me a story worth blogging about and bringing a few of you a chuckle. 


3 Responses to “Just what is her Secret????”

  1. Ugh!! Airlines! We thought they were bad in Ethiopia. They are almost as bad here in the US. Make them pay for Victoria’s Secret. Good for you! 8^)

  2. Poor Grace! Poorer you, now that I consider it. I remember a shopping trip where she tagged along with me and then spent five and a half hours after I’d finished looking for a pair of pants. She never did find any.

    I’m glad to hear their visit went well, anyways. I’ll be heading home wednesday (I was two attendance-grading classes and a 12 page essay away from being free last Friday).

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