Do you ever get those questions that just make you tilt your head and scratch as you wonder where they came from?

Apparently at work I am the “safe” guy to talk to about “black” things as i have two African kids, so it wa sno wonder to me when I got some really weird questions today about what I though about “Frazier” Now mind you we don’t have cable, so I commented, the first time, that he was the only funny character on the show to me, and the only redeeming factor on the show to me, other than that I don’t know a thing about him. Needless to say I was educated real quick, and called into an office to see his little temper tantrum where he lost his cool, and lost his audience as well.

Of course this brought up the subject of the “N” word, and I have to side with Cosby on this one, I don’t care what color your skin is, it’s an offensive derogatory word regardless of who you are.  I invite you to read the Wikipedia entry on the word if you have never read it’s history. To explain how volitile the word is just ask my uncle who teaches 7th grade African Social Studies and is looking at possibly loosing his job after stopping his class to explain why it wasn’t acceptable to use that language in his class as he was teaching on the country of Niger. He gave the historic account of the derogatory nature of the word, and how it has no place in common speech, and because he is a white dude, he is looking at being punished for it.

Now I also found a clip of the public apology on Letterman last night, and you could tell the guy was really torn up. It was a true apology, and while at the begining it appeared to be a publicity stunt as the audience was laughing at his apology, he nearly left the interview as well as he realized this probably wasn’t the best format to use for the apology.

I think what happened was a travesty, but I also think it’s a travesty that it’s accepted or at least tolerated from Chris Rock, Tucker, or any of the “Kings of Comedy” but racist from the “Redneck Tour” (Foxworthy and the like)

But you know what, I’m just a white guy, who agrees with Bill Cosby, so I am going to ask you to do yourself a favor and read his words over here.

Yes there are questions that seem like they just come out of anywhere, walking into work and being asked about a character who hasn’t been on TV for years is one of them, but in a transracial family it’s becoming more and more of the norm for me.

I can’t educate everybody, but I do have to be ready for them.


3 Responses to “?”

  1. Apology smology, he seems sorry that he did it. But what he should really be sorry about is being a racist which probably didn’t change overnight.
    I heard this commentary on NPR last night and really liked it:

  2. I watched both Richards’ outburst and his apology. If nothing else a scenario like this is, for me as a Christian, a reminder that a) we need to guard ourselves against harboring hate or anger towards anybody and b) forgiveness is important. It is downright shocking and horrible to hear “Kramer”‘s words but sadly they reflect prejudices and feelings that are out there–whether towards blacks, hispanics, whoever.

  3. I think he was expressing how he felt at the time, unfortunately thanks to a camera phone, the whole world got to see it. I wish him no ill will. I think he has a better understanding of the power of words and the impact they can have.

    Personally, I think the n-word should be banned and no one should use it. Like Oprah said, it’s use is never appropriate. And if you’ve ever been called the n-word as I have, it is very painful. That pain is not nullified when we AAs use it amongst ourselves.

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