Interested in Adopting?

One of the biggest blockades to people being open to adoption seems to be finances. What if I told you I know of 8 Chinese kids that are waiting for a family, and have a benefactor ready to pay for the adoption for you? Sounds too good to be true, but it’s not:

Adoptive families would still be responsible for their travel costs, hotels, and transportation, as well as their home study and post placement fees. However because of the federal adoption tax credit of $10,630 these adoption expenses would eventually be covered completely.

These are all special needs children, but most of them are clef pallate/lip issues that can be medically repaired. 

 Now I know nothing at all about this agency as they deal with Asian countries and I have a heart for Africa, so you will need to do some research on them, but this does appear to be a huge blessing for any family out there that would like to open up their hearts to these special needs children.

If you do decide to pursue this, let me know, it would be really cool to know that this blog led someone to their child.  

2 Responses to “Interested in Adopting?”

  1. Avery – All God’s Children (AGCI) is a great agency in Portland. They have done all of our homestudies and post placement work, and we love them dearly.

    We were adopting our son Song through a different agency, and had been in the process for almost 2 years when Lisa became pregnant. Our agency wanted to cancel the adoption and send Song’s file back because we were having a baby and couldn’t possibly handle doing both. AGCI stepped in and we all met to figure out how it could be done, and in the end resolved the problem. Our adoption of Song would not have happened without their involvement, and they were not monetarily involved in any way. Such care and integrity.

    We have nothing but the utmost respect for them, and would love to adopt through them. So far though, our kids have been in the care of others.

    Also, we just got their latest newsletter, and they are fundraising to open an orphanage in Ethiopia and start a program there.

  2. this is awesome, thanks for sharing. i sent it out to the yahoo adoption group our church runs. there are always people claiming to want to adopt, except for the money. i hope they read and pray about this!!!!!

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