Local Ethiopians!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

OK, it’s a rather long story to a short point, but worth the ride I’m sure!

Last Sunday we came home from church a bit late (we like to talk OK) and I hit the kitchen to try to find something to eat. Now I had been joking with a buddy of mine at church that there is always stuff in the house to eat, but never anything us fat guys like. Of course Heather then pointed out that’s why we were fat, but I digress…..

So I started rummaging through the kitchen in an attempt to find something and finally settled on fried bologna sandwiches, only to find out we are out of bread. So on total impulse I suggest we go out, and the wife wants pizza, so lets try a new place, why not?

So we head across town to a Pizza Inn we had never tried before (I know they are all supposed to be the same, but trust me they aren’t)  and we rolled in 5 minutes after they shut the lunch down!!

Heather thought she remembered a Pizza Village on the other side of town, so we head in that direction only to wind up at the location she was thinking of, but at another Pizza Inn. It was then that she remembered Pizza Village was the pizza place from when we were in college together!!!!

Now this entire trip was because we both hate the local CiCi’s with a passion and we are boycotting Pizza Hut and those are the only two other options open to us in this dive of a town (restaurants suck around here) But faced with the dilemma of angry kids and empty stomachs we headed to the lesser of two evils, the evil place known as CiCi’s. I guess ChuckECheese was an option, but somehow those words never came out of our lips, that place is as close to a parent’s own personal hell as I think a human can imagine…………

So we make it to CiCi’s and we are enjoying a creation known as “Buffalo Wings Pizza” poor buffalo sauce, terrible dough, crappy chicken cubes and stale cheese….. yep, we are at CiCi’s but we are also sitting next to the game room. Now this was done on purpose, you see our son has decided he wants to be shy now, so he won’t go away from us into the game room unless we are right there next to the game room, for some reason both of our kids have an absurd fascination with kidnappers, but I digress. So our kids would wander back in to the video games, that they have unfortunately learned require quarters to really play, but thanks to the wonders of plastic and magnetic strips, we had NO CASH!!!

Of course that didn’t stop them from going back there and pretending to play, nor did it stop the Palestinian mother next to us from allowing her 6 kids from doing the same. Now some may be wondering why I actually bothered to label the mother here, as to her nationality and how I came to this knowledge, but I am getting there.

You see as we were eating we heard the boys in the video room, at a moment that both of our kids we sitting at the table eating with us luckily, hollering “DEATH TO AMERICA” and “AMERICA SUCKS” Now if this wasn’t a kicker enough the game they were playing was “Race USA” You remember the video game from when I was teen, you pick out your car then race on different roads all across the US, if you make it to the checkpoints you get to keep going……

Looking around the room there was us, a Mexican birthday party, an birthday party with all black kids, and a few other very white families. Well as you can imagine we were kind of judgemental about the kids and the mom in the durka sitting next to us. I decided it would probably be a good idea to go back and supervise the kids, and get them ready to go, of course they were begging for “just one more minute please!!!!” and thankfully they were oblivious to the “death to America” boy who was still hollering at his video games.

 Well Heather started to be convicted about her attitude as God was speaking to her heart that God loved this family just as much as He loved ours, and that we needed to show them that love as well. So Heather struck up a conversation with the mom about the youngest daughter, who was exceptionally striking and had beautiful bouncing curly dark brown long locks of hair. As they had the “mom” conversation the Palestinian mother asked how many kids we had, Heather said right now we only had two, but we were adopting two from Ethiopia as well.

Well the kid, who was hanging around as a stranger just told her how cute she was and she was the typical 4 year old who loves attention, piped up that her freind Joseph was from Ethiopia. Her mom didn’t have a clue as to who Joseph was but doubted that he was really from Ethiopia, and Heather asked her what her friend looked like, and she replied he was dark brown. Well the 17 year old sister piped in that she knew who Joseph was but that he looked “Indian” not “African”

Well it was enough to spark some hope in us, so on a CiCi’s napkin Heather wrote a note about our adoption, and desire to connect with local Ethiopian families and her cell phone number and gave it to the mother to pass along to Joseph’s mother.

We are having lunch with an Ethiopian family this Saturday.

 Yes, we are just as dumbfounded as you are right now, the steps that led to this discovery is such a “God thing” it’s just funny. We could have missed this treasure in so many different ways, not being there at the right time, not sitting in the right spot, not showing love to those that God loves dearly, it’s just one of  those things that when you sit back and look at the big picture you are just dumbfounded at how God accomplishes these things.

Of course I will fill you all in after the weekend as they will be coming to eat lunch with us and Heather will be cooking her injera and doro wat, so we will have an official Ethiopian review of whether we got it right or not.


4 Responses to “Local Ethiopians!?!?!?!?!?!?!?”

  1. Hi Avery,

    Good day,

    I came across to your website via the Ethiopian Portal website:


    Keep it up! Your site is fantastic. God bless you for adopting the two Ethiopian kids!

    Lots of love to your family.


  2. That was a random story with a good ending. Ethiopians are more common around here (we’ve got 3 restaurants and 2 grocery stores to choose from), but I’m glad you were able to connect. Let us know how it goes.

  3. Very cool! (Crazy about those kids yelling “death to America”–yikes!)

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