This Weekend

What a crazy busy weekend, I woke up saturday morning to dice 12 pounds of onions for Heather then headed out the door in my biker regalia for a poker run in 20 degree weather. I was a little late as my bike refused to start, but eventually I got there, cold to the bone.  We wound up raising about $1300 for the family, a carpenter volunteered to widen the doors in the house for the wheelchair, and to build a ramp, and we had someone donate an electric wheelchair as well. Very cool!!!

Then I came home to help Heather get thenings together and our new Ethiopian friends came over to join us for some ferenj cooked Abesha food.

This photo is the end result:

The injera was bought, but everything else was made at home, including 12 pounds of netter kibe. We finally had some Ethiopians to test it on, and they said it was all perfect except for the doro wat. But in all honesty that is because Heather hates whole chickens and calls them disgusting and cooks with the boneless, skinless, tasteless chicken breast. Actually other than a decrease in the fat content I dont know that the taste is hampered in the doro wat, but they were shreded to make it easier to eat, and there were no bones, so they considered it to be over cooked. They said the taste was dead on, just the consitancy was off. We talked for a long time about everythin, about what they miss the most, what is hard to get used to, and found that the thing that was missed the most was kifto. She refuses to make her own as she won’t use store bought meat for something that has to be fresh. You should have seen her face light up when I told her you can buy a fresh slaughtered side of a caw if you go to the farms, she wanted me to draw a map to where a farm is so she could go right now, unfortunatly though, I only know where the goat farms are. I kind of mapped them out as I was thinking about when Yosef and Mihret get home as they will be able to get beef at the store, but to get goat you have to go to the farms.

 The kids all had a blast and we really enjoyed getting to know them, but all good things come to an end, and we had a company Christmas party we had to go to:

The party was what we expected, all the people I have to deal with at work, with alcohol added. Some of them had added quite a lot of the alcohol as well. The pastor’s wife watched the kids for us while we were there, and we wound up staying at the pastors house too long when we picked up the kids just talking and hanging out. I was so tired when we got home it wasn’t even funny, and wanted to skip church but we were presenting the “Yesus on the Streets” program at the church so we had to go, and look refreshed and presentable as well. “Yesus on the Streets was very well received and we continue to look forward to more ways to reach the people of Ethiopia with the love of Christ.

Coming home from that everyone laid down to take a nap, while I played on the internet.

I finally woke every one up at 5 pm as we had to go get our new van from the family that gave it to us. I think it would look better if Heather would green light my hod rod buddies to have fun painting flames and the like on the van, but until I get that green light you can look for me in this battle tank on the roads:


4 Responses to “This Weekend”

  1. Even without words I can tell you had a spectacular weekend!

  2. Amen Heather about being grossed out by cooking a whole chicken!!! Long live boneless, skinless white meat!!!! 🙂

  3. Will Heather PLEASE share the red lentil dish recipe? I tried to make it the other night and it was TERRIBLE! I did make a mean vegetable alicha, though. I also made kitfo but Brian said it tasted more like the best taco meat he ever ate rather than an Ethiopian meat dish. If at first you don’t succeed (go to the fresh slaughter meat house?)

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